Eliana revolts after prejudice and vents: “Evil”

At almost 50 years old, the presenter Eliana used social media to vent about ageism, which is about discrimination against older people. Through a video, the presenter of SBT gave examples of common comments and tore up the verb.

“For those who still don’t know, ‘ageism’ is when a person judges, mocks or doubts the ability of another simply because of their age. This kind of prejudice is often tolerated on a daily basis due to the lack of information that people have about it”, she began.

Afterwards, the employee Silvio Santos went on and said that being more mature is a sign of privilege, and stated that no one deserves to grow old with dull ‘jokes’.

“Of course, over time, difficulties arise in life. But every person has the right to grow old without having to listen to mean comments! Getting older means becoming more mature, wise and secure. And that’s beautiful! So are we going to focus on speeches that raise self-esteem? Remember that everyone will grow old one day. Those who don’t age dies early. Live life!” she blurted out.

Talked about Chiquinho

Already during a participation in the podcast PodDelas, Eliana recalled what it was like to work alongside her former stage assistant, Chiquinho. According to her, it is still successful with children in Salvador.

“Chiquinho stayed with me for many years! Chiquinho now lives in Salvador, Bahia. He works hard! The character Chiquinho is still successful with children in Salvador. And people are nostalgic, I already brought Chiquinho to the program on SBT, on Children’s Day, we haven’t seen each other for a long time, but I have a lot of affection”, he said.

When talking more details of the ancient times, the blonde admitted that he always wanted to be on the stage of his programs alongside assistants and people who bring him security.

“It’s curious isn’t it? I like to share the space I have with talented people. I. I like to share the space I have with talented people. I was lucky. I had Meloconton who was a very beloved character for kids. When I went to Record, we created a new character for him, and he brought an idea, we polished it and then Chiquinho came along, we spent many years working together”, he reflected.

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