Maisa Silva (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The actress Maisa used his Instagram profile this Sunday (12), to make a brief update on his relationship status in the middle of the Valentine’s Day. The famous appeared all stunning behind the scenes of a work.

Through the stories, the artist shared a click where she appears lavishing style with a long-sleeved crop top and tight nude pants. The look was even more complete with the neon decoration of the place.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to cousins [seguidores de Maisa] who date, around here I continue in a serious and lasting relationship with my work (17 years old) and I love it a lot, okay?”, wrote the artist in the caption.

In the comments of the photo, the fans of the muse loved the clicks and praised her look. “The girlfriend at work I love”joked Larissa Manoela. “It’s beautiful, cousin,” said an admirer. “cousin from heaven, you are wonderful!!”, melted another.

Maisa been single since December of last year, when she ended her relationship with Nicholas Arashiro. The two were together for four years and decided to go their separate ways amicably.

Maisa Silva (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Maisa recalls childhood details

Living like celebrities since the age of three, the actress Maisa revealed that was treated no different from other children at her school. The famous confessed that she went through episodes of bullying during her adolescence.

In participation in the podcast PodPah, Maisa opened part of the intimacy and revealed details about what it was like to grow up in the spotlight. She stated that the people respected the fact that she was more discreet.

“I was always treated with respect. I chose this path of trying to have as little repercussion as possible with things in my personal life, but with my work. That to me is a very respectful business. For people and the media to understand that I like to have my space preserved. The day I want to have a controversy with something there, that’s fine. But until today, I didn’t have that desire”, said the young woman.

“In high school, people were used to who I was. They weren’t even there for me. I’ve suffered a slight bullying at some times in my life because it’s normal, right? It happens. People go through that sometimes. And then they only called me when there was a party and relatives went to school. ‘Oh, my cousin wants to take a picture with you’. Child doesn’t make much difference. As a teenager, people can approach you out of interest, but I studied at the same school for 14 years,” she said.

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