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The end of Beyond the Illusion is still this month. Alessandra Poggi’s telenovela is in its final weeks and is close to showing the outcome of the story of Davi (Rafael Vitti), Isadora (Larissa Manoela), Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita) and other characters. The plot will be succeeded by Beyond the Illusion, by Mário Teixeira.

What is the end of Beyond the Illusion date?

Beyond the Illusion ends on Friday, August 19, with a re-presentation of the last chapter on Saturday, 20, at 6 pm on Globo.

Until then, many emotions pack the final episodes of the romance between Davi and Isadora. As anticipated by TV News, the magician will be able to prove his innocence after so many years. With the help of his beloved, he will hatch a plan to make Matias (Antônio Calloni) confess to the crime.

Isadora will impersonate Elisa’s spirit and make the bastard believe he’s hallucinating. “I shot… But I wasn’t supposed to hit you, my love. The bullet was for the damn magician. It was my knee, my knee that failed. I would never point a gun at you, Elisa.”

Still posing as the dead sister, she will ask him to tell the truth to the police, because only then will her spirit be at peace to rest. With the real killer paying for his crime, Isadora and Davi will finally have a happy ending in the six o’clock soap opera.

Joaquim and Úrsula (Bárbara Paz) will also pay for the crimes committed throughout the plot. Mother and son must finish the serial behind bars convicted of the murder of Abel (Adriano Petermann) and the corruption committed by the fop in the finances of the factory of Eugênio (Marcello Novaes) and Violeta (Malu Galli).

Olivia (Debora Ozório) and Tenório (Jayme Matarazzo) should be together at the end of Beyond the Illusion, as well as Eugênio and Violeta.

Isadora (larissa manoela) and davi (rafael vitti) stay together; see the end of beyond the illusion data-photo: reproduction/network globe

Who are the actors of Mar do Sertão?

From August 22nd, Mar do Sertão starts airing at 6pm. Written by Mário Teixeira, the plot takes place in the northeastern hinterland and has as its main plot the love triangle between Candoca, Zé Paulino and Tertulinho, lived by Isadora Cruz, Sérgio Guizé and Renato Góes, respectively.

In addition to the main trio, the feuilleton has other well-known names in its cast. Érico Brás plays Eudoro Cidão, a vain, smart and sycophantic journalist who works at the main newspaper in Canta Pedra, a fictional city where the plot takes place.

Enrique Diaz is Timbó, a drought survivor. He is married to Tereza (Clarissa Pinheiro), with whom he has three children, Mirinho (Lucas Galvino), Rosinha (Manuella Guimarães / Sara Vidal) and Joca (Miguel Venerabile).

José de Abreu is Colonel Tertúlio, owner of the only reservoir in the city and a person of great influence in Canta Pedra. He is married to Deodora, played by Débora Bloch, and father of the villain Tertulinho.

Mariana Sena and Theresa Fonseca are Lorena and Labibe, Candoca’s inseparable friends. Cyria Coentro, Welder Rodrigues, Giovana Cordeiro, Everaldo Pontes, Cesár Ferrario and Nanego Lira are other actors in the cast of Mar do Sertão.

The plot begins with the engagement of Zé Paulino and Candoca, which ends up being interrupted by a fatality. On the very day the wedding is scheduled, the young man receives an order from Colonel Tertúlio, his boss, to take a horse to another city.

He still has to put up with the inconvenience of Tertulinho, who falls in love with Candoca and does everything he can to separate the couple. When Tertúlio asks his son to accompany Zé on the mission, a heavy rain falls during the journey and the protagonist’s fiancé is presumed dead.

However, the boy returns ten years later, shocking the townspeople and especially his ex-fiancée.

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