End of Plus belle la vie: Fabienne Carat gives fans hope, “There can always be surprises“

This Monday, November 21, three famous actors from Plus belle la vie were present on the Touche set not at my post. The actors thus evoked the end of the series, but Fabienne Carat hinted that the creators of the soap opera could reserve some “surprises” for the fans.

A farewell or just a goodbye? This Friday, November 18, France 3 put an end to More beautiful life, its flagship soap opera launched in 2004. The evening thus opened with the broadcast of a new double-episode followed by an exceptional prime-time show of 1h40. Entitled Seven Weddings for a Funeral, this special episode marked as indicated by his name, the union of seven couples of Mistralians.

Despite this release with great fanfare, the end of the series is still difficult to digest for fans, but also for the actors of More beautiful life. This Monday, November 21, Cyril Hanouna received three of them on the Touche set not at my post: Lola Marois, Avy Marciano and Fabienne Karat. The host of C8 notably asked the latter if she understood “the decision to stop the series?”. “Understand no, but we can only respect it or suffer it. I was spared because I had already taken the step of leaving two years before. So I took it with a grain of salt.”replied the actress, who performed the role of Samia Nassri from 2005 to 2021.

Fabienne Carat: “in life nothing is fixed”

Fabienne Carat however added that, for her, this end did not necessarily mean the definitive cessation of More beautiful life. “We never know. There can always be surprises, bonuses, …”, she blurted out. “Oh can it come back?“, Cyril Hanouna then asked him. “Why not. First of all, you never know”replied the 43-year-old actress, before calming things down a bit: “Be careful, I’m not giving a scoop but in life nothing is fixed”. But with these declarations, there is no doubt that Fabienne Carat will have rekindled the flame among the fans, who now retain hope of perhaps seeing their favorite characters on the small screen one day.

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