End of Plus belle la vie: this very strange error noticed during the last prime

Friday November 18, 2022, France 3 broadcast the final episode of Plus belle la vie. After viewing this one, fans discovered a very strange error that questions.

End clap for the flagship series of France 3! Launched in 2004, More beautiful life ended Friday, November 18, 2022. During this one, a tribute was paid to the character of Roland Marci, who died of a heart attack a few weeks earlier. In order to bow out, the central square of the series, Le Mistral, has been named Place Roland Marci. On the commemorative plaque, the dates 2004-2022 accompany the character’s name. If this one pays homage to the owner of the series, its dates have nothing to do with the years of birth and death of Roland Marci. The cafe owner would, in fact, be born on February 13, 1942 and would have died on October 3, 2022. These two years therefore correspond more to the year of the beginning and end of More beautiful life. A small mistake that immediately made the most loyal fans of the series wince!

Monday, October 3, 2022, in the columns of Tele-Leisure, Michel Cordes, famous interpreter of Roland Marci, had mentioned the disappearance of his character. “I found this death logical. Hubert Besson, our first producer, used to say that my character was totemic. When you delete the tribe, you knock down the totem”, he had estimated. Referring to the end of the series, the actor had slipped with humor: “I regret this stoppage, because our longevity and intensity were quite unique. Madame Ernotte (Delphine Ernotte, president of France Télévisions, editor’s note) has taken her responsibilities, she will answer for it in front of the fans.

Viewers don’t want to say goodbye to their favorite series

On Twitter, fans of the series do not realize that More beautiful life has ended. It can thus be read:I find it hard to realize that I am watching the latest episode of Plus belle la vie. When I think that at the base, I started watching when I was little to please my grandmother…“; “I’m 25, I spent 18 years of my life watching this and it’s being taken away from me like this for no reason, it’s outrageous“; “But what are we going to do on Monday? As well as the other days. How to fill this box which was our reassuring meeting filled with happiness? Huge belly ball” ; but also : “I regret the time when I complained because the broadcast of Plus belle la vie was stopped for a few days for Roland-Garros, I didn’t realize how lucky I was to find her the week after… Now I understand the real suffering of a stop.

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