Highly-anticipated sequel new to Netflix: Millie Bobby Brown battles Henry Cavill's drunken Sherlock in Enola Holmes 2

Since Enola Holmes continued on Netflix with Enola Holmes 2, there has been great excitement about further sequels of the little sister of master detective Sherlock (Henry Cavill), played by Millie Bobby Brown. Part 3 is not yet confirmed, but the end credits scene and the great interest among Netflix viewers are doing the rest to make a sequel more and more likely. The book template series even offers this 6 concrete ideas on how to proceedwhich we would like to introduce to you briefly (spoiler-free).

8 novels provide Netflix with plenty of material for Enola Holmes 3: That’s what each sequel is about

Bridgerton, with his 8 novel templates, has shown the way: A Netflix success is a good idea to have a book series with several volumes in the back. the Enola Holmes mysteries by Nancy Springer (in English: The Enola Holmes Mysteries) also currently include eight books that provide material for further films. Even if Henry Cavill isn’t aiming for a detached Sherlock Holmes appearance.

Enola Holmes 2 – Trailer (German) HD


Netflix’s first Enola Holmes film was adapted into a 2020 film 1st volume: The Case of the Missing Lord * (in English: The Case of the Missing Marquess *). Enola Holmes 2, in turn, was loosely based on Part 2, The case of the left-handed lady * (Enola Holmes 2: The Case of the Left-Handed Lady *). Which suggests that future films should also stick to the existing novels: there are still 6 more sequel ideas of the previously unfilmed books for Enola Holmes 3 and further sequels left:

1. Enola Holmes 3 could once again challenge Millie Bobby Brown’s knowledge of flowers on Netflix

In her third case, Sherlock Holmes’ right-hand man (freshly introduced in Enola Holmes 2) goes missing and the young detective sets out to

dr to find Watson again. A delivered one menacing bouquet of flowers (with flowers with a hidden meaning) could be the crucial clue and so she disguises herself and goes in search of the sender.

2. Enola Holmes 4 shows the detective as an anti-matchmaker

Of course, Enola Holmes 3 doesn’t necessarily have to follow the order of the novel and could film part 4 instead: In it, Enola receives a hidden call for help from her friend Lady Cecily (embodied in the 2nd film by Hannah Dodd). On a pink fan she tells her that she trapped in an orphanage is held and forced into marriage shall be. To save her, however, the private investigator reluctantly needs her older brother, Sherlock (Henry Cavill’s detective recently even offered to work with him.)

More Enola Holmes, Sherlock and Tewkesbury in Part 3?

3. Enola Holmes 5 introduces other famous historical figures

In the 5th Enola Holmes mystery her Landlady kidnapped: In order to bring Mrs. Tupper back home, she embarks on a puzzle hunt, deciphering codes and jumping out of windows. She also finds out that Sherlock is apparently with Florence Nightingale has to do. (The statistician initiated social reforms of modern nursing in England and would be a real character again in the Enola Holmes series after Sarah Chapman from Part 2.)

4. Enola Holmes 6 plays an encrypted letter from her mother into her hands

In the 6th Enola Holmes adventure, which should meanwhile be the conclusion of the series, the professional person finder tries to track down the missing Lady Blanchefleur. As it turns out, she has to pay for it right away triple mystery reveal: what happened to her mother, what the missing noblewoman is up to and what both have to do with her brother Mycroft (in part 1: Sam Claflin).

Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes 2

The short story also exists Enola Holmes and the Boy in Buttons * about a missing young porter (set between parts 6 and 7).

5. Enola Holmes 7 sends the detective to search for a twin

In Case 7 of Enola Holmes, Miss Letitia Glover enlists the help of the young detective to find out everything about her fate twin sister
to find out about Felicity. According to a brief message from her husband, the Earl of Dunhench, supposedly deceased. But neither of the two women really wants to believe that. The trail of a mysterious black carriage could provide the solution.

6. Enola Holmes 8 has multiple personalities fleeing Sherlock Holmes

In her most recent case (Part 8 was published in 2022), Enola Holmes has to rush to the aid of her friend Lady Cecily for the third time: They are fleeing from her strict father, but of all people Sherlock Holmes is assigned to herto find the escaped one. In the course of this comes one double personality to the light, leftist and freethinking in one version and conservative and submissive in the other.

With such a variety of templates, Netflix shouldn’t have a hard time filling other Enola Holmes films with creative plots. In addition, of course, there is also the possibility of sending the introduced characters around Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill into completely new story creations.

The first 6 Enola Holmes crime novels are also available as comics:

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