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Journalist Erika hasn’t even appeared in the TV Globo remake yet, but anyone who knows the original version knows that the reporter will cause an uproar in the plot. The young woman will be involved in a coup that will affect the Leôncio family. Among the novelties of the 2022 soap opera, Erika’s mother in Pantanal will be an unprecedented character and will be played by Gisela Reimann, an actress who was in the Manchete serial in 1990.

Who will be Erika’s mother in Pantanal?

Erika’s mother in Pantanal is called Ingrid and will be played by actress Gisela Reimann. Globo has already confirmed the presence of the famous in the cast of the soap opera, but did not give details about Ingrid’s plot. What has been revealed for now is that Gisela Reimann will have a cameo in the serial, so it is expected that the actress will not be in many chapters.

Ingrid is a new character in the remake, that is, she did not exist in the 1990 version of Manchete and was created by Bruno Luperi for the new version. It is possible that Ingrid appears in the swamp with Erika and Ibraim, the girl’s father. In the 1990 plot, the young woman traveled alone to Mato Grosso do Sul to report on the biome and later returned with her father to announce that she was pregnant with Zé Lucas. In the old version, the girl’s mother did not appear.

For those who did not recognize the face of actress Gisela Reimann, the famous was in the cast of the original version. She was the one who played Erica at the time. Gisela was 24 years old in 1990 and was in her first soap opera. The actress debuted in style on the small screen and shortly after gained space in another Manchete work.

Novels by Gisela Reimann, Erika’s Mother in Pantanal

After living Erika in Pantanal, Gisela was invited to play the character Albinha in A História de Ana Raio and Zé Trovão, another classic from the late broadcaster. Some time later, the actress migrated to TV Globo, a channel in which she participated in great successes.

First, she was in the episode Nightmare de Você Decide in 1992 and then she was Alice in the soap opera Sonho Meu, reprized in 2021 on the Viva channel. Between 1997 and 2000, she temporarily migrated to Record, where she worked on Right to Live and Por Amor e Ódio.

The actress stayed away from the small screen for a few years and returned in 2009 to Globo with the soap opera Viver a Vida. Then, she started the works Beleza S/A (2013), Psi (2014), O Negócios (2014), Vizinhos (2015) and Malhação (2017), her last soap opera on the network. Before playing Erika Pantanal’s mother in 2022, Gisela was in Genesis (2021), by Record.

Erika’s mother in Pantanal, Gisela in 1990 and now in 2022 when she will be the mother of Erika Pantanal – photo: reproduction/headline/instagram/@giselareimannoficial

Who will be Erika’s father in Pantanal?

Not only Erika Pantanal’s mother appears, the girl’s father will also be present in future chapters of the plot. The difference here is that Deputy Ibraim is a character that was part of the original 1990 plot. At the time, he was played by Rubens Corrêa. Now in 2022, the role has passed to Dan Stulbach.

Famous name on the small screen, Dan Stulbach has been away from the soap operas since 2018. The actor was Eurico Malta in The Seventh Guardian and since then he had only appeared in films and series. Dan’s most recent work was the production Filhas de Eva (2021), starring Renata Sorrah, the eternal Nazaré Tedesco, Giovanna Antonelli and Vanessa Giácomo.

family coup

In the original plot of Manchete, deputy Ibraim and his daughter Erika try to coup José Leôncio’s family. The young woman lies about being pregnant with Zé Lucas to hit the cattle king’s firstborn son, but she can’t take the farce to the altar and is unmasked before the exchange of rings.

When he arrives at the Pantanal, the deputy does not hide his interest in the notoriety that the name of José Leôncio brings in the region. He tries to be photographed next to the farmer, seeks to use the influence of Zé Lucas’ father and becomes interested in the rancher’s fortune.

Erica Pantanal's father
Actor will participate in the remake – photo: reproduction/@danstulbach

After all, who will Erika be?

Role of Gisela Reimann in 1990, Erika will be played by Marcela Fetter in 2022. The 26-year-old from Rio Grande do Sul is an actress and model. Fetter’s career began in theater as a child. Later, when she turned 17, she moved to São Paulo to study at Centro de Artes e Educação Célia Helena, the institution where she majored in performing arts.

In 2016, the young woman moved to Rio de Janeiro and made her debut on the small screen with the character Flávia Campos, from Malhação – Seu Lugar no Mundo.

The following year, the actress participated in the music video Anestesia by Wanessa Camargo. In 2018, Marcela worked on the miniseries Se Eu Close Os Olhos Agora. The most recent project of the famous was Verona (2021). Pantanal is the second telenovela in Marcela’s career.

Marcela Fetter 1
The mother of erika pantanal will be played by an actress who was a journalist in 1990. In the image, marcela fetter, the new erika – photo: reproduction/instagram/@marcelafetter

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