Eugenio Pérez: "My mother was part of who I am today"

Since 2005, Eugenio Pérez Salcedo has belonged to the production of Channel 4, thanks to a proposal made to him by the television station 17 years ago.

Eugenio de Jesús Pérez Salcedo was always related to music, since his father Glauco Salvador Pérez Medrano was a singer for La Voz Dominicana.

Before the 1965 Revolution, he entered the Dominican Band Stand program, one of the great North American music programs of the time with Pedro María Santana. By then he was 14 years old.

From then on, his career on the radio increased and his popularity was permeating the taste of the Dominican people until today he became “The greatest salsologist of the Dominican Republic” as he is better known.

1. Relationship with music

Since I was a child I have always been related to music. My father, Glauco Salvador Pérez Medrano, was a singer for La Voz Dominicana, they called him Gaucho. He sang in night clubs and in La Voz Dominicana for a long time, he was a businessman, he worked with the owners of Olivetti and Fiat. He had a duet with Rafael Pérez, they called him El Dúo de los Primos, they sang many tangos. My mother, Dominga Ercilia Salcedo, always listened to the music of Sonora Matancera at noon at home. She was a woman loved by all, an entrepreneur, she raised me and my sister with all her efforts and was part of who I am today. My parents divorced, I grew up with my mother and her husband Porfirio Castillo, he was my other father, he was my mentor. They both died. We are 7 siblings, two by mother”.

2. Childhood memories

When I was a child, my father took me to the famous Anniversary Weeks that were held in August of each year and I perfectly remember that the last time I went to one, I saw Ismael Rivera leave with a bottle of rum along with his combo. I also remember that there was a program called El Abuelito Cantarín, by a Venezuelan man named Manolo. I grew up and continued with the music bug to the point that before the 1965 Revolution, I entered the Dominican Band Stand program with Pedro María Santana, one of the great programs of the North American music era. He was 14 years old. Pedro presented mime forum groups sitting on a scooter. After the Revolution, we went from Rahintel, Channel 7 to 4, to the Hola Nueva Ola program that the late Mac Cordero put together, hosted by José Joaquín Pérez. Papito Fernández was the coordinator, we mimed in Spanish. Papito Saviñón made them from Julio Ángel, Jesús Sánchez from Leo Dan, from the Four Mosquitas, the 4 coins…”.

Eugenio Pérez, Dominican broadcaster

3. Injured by accident

When I was studying at the Juan Pablo Duarte High School I had an ugly event, but not on my part. In 1967 I was in my first year of theory, there was a shooting outside and a bullet hit me in the leg, so they took me to the doctor. I never forget that there was a tremendous mess when the boys from my Villas Agrícolas neighborhood found out, they went to fight with those who fired the shots, even though it was not directed at me. As a result of that fact, my mother took me away from Juan Pablo Duarte and put me in the Pan-American High School, which was where the National Theater is now, where I completed the first theoretical. I did the second at the Nuevo Liceo de Brito, which belonged to a director of the afternoon batch of Juan Pablo Duarte. When I finished it, they enrolled me in La Normal with Professor Chupani and the Hubiera sisters. While at La Normal, Moquete, an Algebra teacher, took me to confront other courses, I never forget that. I did my Mathematics room on vacation at Billini, but I took the exam at Juan Pablo Duarte. After finishing, I enrolled in the UASD, I entered in November 1969, I remember my registration perfectly, it was 695112”.

4. The New Power Group

I also got the urge to sing, as Ray Reyes used to mime singing, at the end of the 60s, Momón as we called him had the group Momón y su Conga, so he asked me to be part of it. He played conga and sang. One day I told him to put down the conga and come forward with me, I suggested changing the name of the group and he accepted. We put on The New Power and he came along with me. We entered Sergio Hernández, the trumpeter Rasputín was in choir with me, Ercilio was the conguero and Linares was the saxophonist…. The group came to play in the programs Osvaldo se va de Ronda, on Radio Santo Domingo, Channel 4, Spectacular Saturday with Tito Campusano and in Color Vision that was located in the old Hotel Jaragua. We also played in the main clubs and night clubs in the country such as Tía Nancy, El Lirio, La Manicera… It was a very beautiful time. At the time, he was also studying at the UASD and working. When I got off work at 5 in the afternoon, I would go to the university until 10 at night and then play until two in the morning. One day, my mother told me that it was very forced and she suggested that I finish university, that I take up music as a transitional course, but that I had to study. I didn’t want to leave, but I decided to listen to my mother and I’m glad I did because I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. I am a Certified Public Accountant.

I married Elidad Pérez, in the La Paz church, in La Feria. We have been married for almost 50 years and have three beautiful children, all professionals”.

Eugenio Pérez, announcer

5. Firm of auditors

Rafael Emilio García Nieto, was my Audit teacher at the UASD, I fought a lot with him because in the scores he did not give me more than 80, when he deserved a 100. One day he told me that he was going to see if I was a lion and he invited me to the Price Waterhouse auditing firm in El Conde where it is still in force. There I spent 4 years auditing all kinds of companies in the country, including Cervecería, Bermúdez, Católica Madre y Maestra, BHD, Coca-Cola, La Manicera… My last audit was at the Brewery with the combination of Refrescos Nacionales, which was subsidiary of the same owner who was not the León Jimenes, but the North American James Stewart”.

6. Marriage

The year after I started working at La Manicera, I married my girlfriend Elidad Pérez in church on Friday, January 23, 1976, at the La Paz church, in La Feria. We have been married for almost 50 years. I remember that when we were dating we were together at the UASD, so when Price sent me to study abroad, she copied the classes and sent them to me. We have three beautiful children, professional men and women. After I got married, in February I joined Manicera as deputy auditor with Julio Cross, who was the one who recommended me, he was my partner at Price. A month later he resigned and they appointed Darío González, may he rest in peace, in his position, and he told me to help him. I was second deputy auditor. At La Manicera I held several positions, in addition to replacing Luis Álvarez Renta, one of the great economists of our country, he was the director of the Stock Market at La Manicera. But due to the problems he had, he could not continue and in the company, so José Miguel and Roberto Bonetti, who were my direct bosses, appointed me in charge. I lasted 20 years in La Manicera”.

Eugenio Pérez, radio announcer, director and producer

7. Record Company

Together with Hugo Adames I founded the record company Caballo Récords, but I still worked at La Manicera. Concomitantly with that, Carlos Batista Matos of Ultima Hora’s Tarde Alegre asked me to write an article about salsa and I wrote a page for him. From there, every Friday he would come out with a page, write it out by hand, give it to my secretary to transcribe, and then take it to the newspaper. Later, Miguel Ángel Herrera of the Listín Diario asked me to write full-page in-depth articles for him. I once gave a presentation at the Centro León entitled La Salsa in the Dominican Republic and I wrote that for Listín Diario. That presentation was reproduced inextensively in the newspaper El Día in Puerto Rico.

I worked at La Manicera for 20 years, where I held various positions, the last being Director of the Stock Market”.

Eugenio Pérez, announcer

8. Tropical Label

The name of the Etiqueta Tropical program was given to him by former co-worker and former PLD senator Charly Noel Mariotti. He did the first set design for me on Telemax Channel 52 of the cable. Alex Masía guided me about the clothes, I had to go out dressed in a white or cream tuxedo with black pants. That’s how I started Etiqueta Tropical, November 30, 1995. Since my mother owned Super Powerful 104.5, the Cathedral of Salsa, my brother William told me that I had a station that went to all radio and television programs except for ours, so he suggested that I do a program at 6 in the morning, like the one we did in New York with Bill Gates, Salsa Mix Jazz, a combination of salsa with Jazz from 6 to 7 in the morning and from 7 to 8 AM the Salseros they sing bolero. From 8 to 10 in the morning Salsa Romántica, erotic and sensual and from 10 to 12 salsa classics. The program caught a tremendous boom that we had to move it until 2 in the afternoon.

9. Salsa Son Project

Three years after having the program, my great friend Chino Méndez approached me and told me that he had a project called Salsa Son, I told my brother that I believed in that project and that we put it on the station. My brother didn’t want to at first but I convinced him, I told him that I was going to give Chino two of my hours and he went in there from 5 to 10 at night and he still stays. Then Super Powerful 104 was sold and I went to Rumba, but about two years after the station was sold and I fell to Radio Universal. After four years they also sold it and Mr. Danny Pérez from Teleradio América called me and told me that he had 5 hours for me in Neón, I started on February 5, 2011, there it lasted until 2020, ten years. As soon as they sold the hot sauce station, I went with the one I bought, Antonio Espaillat, he told me that he was going to give me a chance because he considered me one of the country’s icons. I entered the station in 2022, on February 5.”

10. Proposal

Nelson Guillen from Telecentro Canal 13 told José Miguel Bonetti junior that he wanted my program Etiqueta Tropical. We made an agreement, we fell on 13 and from 95 to 98 on Tele-Más. From 1998 to 2000 I was at Telecentro, but that’s where the Baninter mess started and we were left out. But I had my daughter Madeline in a program on Telecentro called La Aldea Mágica, she was also corporecita, then her program was lost and I left Antena Latina in 2005 because of a proposal made to me by Channel 4 and to date , I have 17 years in the television silver. The new director Iván Ruiz told me that I am a great asset to the country, that my program is good, that we are going to renew it and that is what we are currently doing”. he

In front of the musician Johnny Pachecho

“Since I was a child I used to visit New York, my father was an American citizen. Once, he sent musician Johnny Pacheco some jalaos with me, I went to La Fania and took them to him. When Pacheco arrived to meet with some producers, singers and musicians, they told him that someone was looking for him. When he came out and asked who he was, I told Eugenio that I had to give him something my dad had sent him. I went into the room with him where he was meeting with all those people, I remember that when he opened the box he went crazy with the jalaos and told me to sit down. Behind me there was a table with the 10 most influential personalities in New York and he was there, so I told him but teacher you are there, you are one of the tough ones.
After he ate the jalaos, since it was after one in the afternoon, he invited me to lunch, he told the people in the room that he would return at 4 in the afternoon and we went down the elevator together. On Seventh Avenue there was a Rolls-Royce with a license plate that said Johnny Pacheco and a chauffeur waiting, he opened the back door and sat next to me. We went to a restaurant owned by a Cuban called Víctor Café, which is on 52nd, we stayed there for about two hours. In the end he gave me his card, he told me that if he needed something to call him, but he couldn’t take me where he was going because he had that meeting. Before returning to Santo Domingo, I called him to say goodbye.

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