Eurovision 2022: why is France automatically qualified?

This Tuesday, May 10 will be held the first semi-final of Eurovision. Like four other countries, France has already qualified for the grand final, which will take place on Saturday 14 May.

Europe’s biggest singing competition is coming back soon! This Saturday, May 14, performers from all countries will compete on the Eurovision stage, which takes place this year in Turin. And if some nations have to earn their place, others are automatically qualified. This is particularly the case of the Big 5 formed by Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and France.. As reminded The Parisiansince 199, the five founding countries of the European Song Contest have automatically qualified for the final of each edition. “France is above all qualified automatically, because it is one of the five main financiers of Eurovisionadded Edoardo Grassi, the boss of the French delegation, to our colleagues. Without our country, it is the financial balance of the competition that is called into question.”

And if this rule makes people cringe, Eurovision fans find it fair. “It’s not a scam, it’s normal! You could say – with a bit of bad faith – that the more you pay for the organization of the competition, the more you have the chance to be automatically qualified, explained Etienne Waïotte, the French correspondent of wiwiblogs, to France Inter. It’s lucky for us, because some years we wouldn’t even have been able to make it to the semi-finals. But it also allows you to make slightly different choices. This year, therefore, Alvan & Ahez will not have to go through the traditional semi-finals of Eurovision. The two pre-competitions will be broadcast this Tuesday May 10 and Thursday May 12, on Culturebox. For the first semi-final, seventeen countries will start: Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Moldova, Portugal, Croatia, Denmark, Austria, Iceland, Greece, Norway and Armenia.

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At the end of this semi-final, ten countries will be qualified. Thursday, May 12, they will be eighteen: Finland, Israel, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Malta, San Marino, Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, North Macedonia, Estonia, Romania, Poland, Montenegro, Belgium Sweden and the Czech Republic. Again, only ten countries will qualify for the grand final. This year, 25 countries will take part in the grand finale of the competition., presented by Laurence Boccolini and Stéphane Bern. After unveiling the clip of their song Fulenn, the representatives of France continue their rehearsals. Note that Alvan & Ahez, if they do not compete in the semi-finals, will still perform on the stage. See you this Saturday, May 14 to find out about Maneskin’s successors.


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