"Even U.S…" : Léa Salamé exasperated, she lectures live to her guests

Show under high tension this Thursday, June 9 for Léa Salamé. As she presented France 2022 as the legislative elections approached, she lost patience with the general crush that reigned on the set.

This Thursday, June 9, the France 2022 program was hosted by Lea Salame on France 2. It welcomed various political personalities who came to defend their party in the run-up to the legislative elections which will take place this Sunday, June 12.

Like the majority of political debates, the tone very often rose during the evening, but became almost uncontrollable around 11 p.m. Exasperated by this hubbub, Léa Salamé raised her voice and did not hesitate to put her guests back in their place.

Léa Salamé: “Really, it’s not possible!”

As the debate revolved around the security themeGuillaume Peltier (Reconquête!) and Jordan Bardella (Rassemblement National) quickly got carried away by making a connection between immigration and insecurity.

Thus, during this speaking time, viewers really had a hard time understanding the words of the candidates, as they rode on their high horses and cut each other off. It took little time for Léa Salamé to intervene and put them back in place: “Excuse me, no, no, no! You will answer, you will answer… No, listen, it’s not possible! Really, it’s not possible! It’s inaudible!”expressed Léa Salamé in an authoritative way.

She then tried to resume by addressing Adrien Quatennens: “We asked the question on Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s tweet, do you want to answer?”she asked.

A dry intervention caused by the nervousness of Léa Salamé, however necessary to find a semblance of seriousness during the debate.

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