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The political deafness of a power administered by men generated as a reaction a gender histrionics that provoked the second wave of the feminist current, which had as its historical precursor the French philosopher and writer Simone de Beauvoir, with her work “The Second Sex ”.

This author, who died in 1986, promoted abortion and lesbianism, and not only promoted it, but also practiced it.

She led a promiscuous life in her privacy, which she was never afraid to reveal, making her attraction to both men and women public knowledge, even sharing with both sexes at the same time.

Among her main claims as a feminist leader, apart from abortion and the acceptance of lesbianism, were claims such as the incorporation of women into work spaces reserved only for men and the vindication of the missing link in the first wave that sought to give the same rights to black women.

Among all the claims of the second wave of the feminist current led by Simone de Beauvoir, only the right to abortion was not conquered.

third wave
The mother and precursor of the third wave of the feminist current was “The Internet”. Perhaps the www responds to women, women, women. It was with this histrionic opening that the feminist struggle became complicated.

After 1990, the saying that “Every head is a world” acquires a historical role given the fact that each individual, whether man or woman, has the same media rights to spread their message.

But since histrionic personality disorder (HPD) affects four women for every man, that is, 80% of those affected, it is not surprising that even to date feminist protests are mostly represented by women showing their breasts with a message written on them.

This genetically inherited lack of attention has degenerated into an erotic exhibitionism that seeks notoriety in terms of likes and views. Already many women today do not feel represented by the flag that feminists fly. But neither do most men today fit the definition of machismo.

The term feminism, although it is beginning to generate rejection within its own camp, is still honorably and prestigiously accepted by society, while the term machismo, on the contrary, is derogatory in any citizen plane in which it is mentioned.

“Masculinist” and “femichist”
In this article we seek to balance the injustices on both sides, because not all men are sexist and not all women feel represented by the feminist flag that does not measure forms or values ​​to achieve its goals.

Therefore, women who have distanced themselves from their gender ideologies, those who do not recognize that there is no longer discrimination, those who provoke a man psychologically and physically until he takes him to the level where he loses judicial reason, those who practice independence of body, but not the pocket, these should be called “femichists”.

Evolution of femichism and masculinism up to the 21st century 9

In the same direction, but in the opposite direction, we men who support feminist achievements in academic preparation, in jobs, in politics, in social circles and family roles, must promote another term that better fits our behavior respectful towards women.

But, we must also start our own fight with well-defined objectives, in order to achieve better judicial treatment and not be treated as guilty due to a mere presumption that makes the just pay for sinners.

The term “masculinism” from 1990 acquired a connotation in European countries, mainly in France and it was looking for precisely what we are proposing.

The masculinist should not be seen as anti-feminist, but on the contrary, as a feminist, as it was in the beginning for the eighteenth century. In short, as Rolando La Serie sang in his popular song “Las Cuarenta”, where he assured that “every card has a counter and each counter is given”.

Let’s separate the good from the bad, so that we don’t get confused along the way. Feminism is good, but we must identify the femichists and point out their evil. Masculinism is good, but we must continue to identify male chauvinists and continue pointing out their evil.

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