Ex-BBB Larissa Tomásia celebrates the beginning of a new phase: “Gratitude”

the influencer Larissa Tomasia I was at a party last Thursday (16th), after waking up a little older. The former Big Brother Brasil 2022 contestant revealed to fans that she was turning 26 on the date.

Through a charming post on the social network feed, the Pernambuco woman shared a video showing the summary of the last few months since it was confirmed as one of the participants of the reality TV Globo.

Excited, the fitness muse thanked fans for all the love and for having lived through great changes in her life. “Gratitude is the word that defines my feeling for this year, and what a YEAR! ❤️”, she began.

“I could have taken a photo to celebrate this day, but I chose to select a few special moments from this life-changing year. I want to record here and share with you a little bit of this trajectory. Thank you to everyone who was part of these moments, each of you has a very important and significant role in my growth. And for those who just arrived, welcome to my new cycle. Happy my 26th birthday”, completed the famous.

The video was accompanied by many comments from followers, who were moved by the influencer. “Beautiful, you deserve all the success in the world. You transmit a lot of light, happy to meet you”, wished an admirer.

Revolt after attack on famous

Recently Larissa Tomásia used her social network to defend the presenter Rafa Kalimann, who was the target of intense attacks because of her look. At the time, many netizens were criticizing the fact that Rafa is too thin.

“Guys, I admire Rafa Kalimann a lot. The woman is beautiful, good people, an excellent professional, a hottie and still manages to have the discernment to put up with hater all the time, because I only see people criticize even what she doesn’t have to criticize. It fills your patience too much!”, began the fitness muse, who continued.

“People think it’s easy to work as a digital influencer or with any kind of work that involves media. Is not! I say this because I’m learning the hard way, generate cool content, keep entertainment on all networks… I say all of them! It is very difficult”, he pointed out.

The influencer ended by saying that she has been learning a lot from the internet. “If each digital continues to lead the digital influencer profession, they insist and persist, it’s because they really love what they do! Believe! reviews? We have to receive, yes, but the constructive ones that will improve entertainment for the public! And not criticism that makes us feel bad!”, she argued.

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