Excitement about the German Song Contest jury: Felicia Lu was kicked out

After just one day, singer Felicia Lu was kicked out of the German jury for the Eurovision Song Contest again. The 26-year-old violated the rules of the organizers – she had already made her favorites for the ESC known in advance.

The singer/songwriter had already published her favorites in March, the Norddeutsche Rundfunk announced on Tuesday in Hamburg. However, the rules state that members of a national jury are not allowed to do this. “Felicia Lu signed the corresponding agreement in April. Therefore, the NDR, in consultation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), unfortunately felt compelled to exclude her from the jury.” The EBU organizes the competition.

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Not only as a member of the jury did it not work out for Lu at the song contest. Even as a singer, who wanted to go to the ESC this year, she was unable to assert herself in the German preliminary round. In the jury she is now through the KiKATV presenter Jessica Schöne (33), who has also reported on Junior ESC. On May 11th and 14th, together with Michelle, Max Giesinger, Tokunbo and Christian Brost, she will evaluate the ESC candidates for the second semi-final and the final. The corresponding jury points – and thus 50 percent of the German points – announced as usual moderator Barbara Schöneberger.

Malik Harris will represent Germany in the final on Saturday in Turin, Italy, with the song “Rockstars”. The German contribution is always set directly for the final round, because the Federal Republic is one of the largest sponsors of the event.

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