EXCLUDED.  Cheating in Koh-Lanta: Laurent Maistret drives the point home

Former emblematic candidate of Koh-Lanta who became host of the Apprentis aventuriers, Laurent Maistret gave an exclusive interview to Télé Star. For the occasion, the latter returned to the cheating that occurred during the All Stars season of the TF1 survival show.

This is no surprise to anyone: Laurent Maistret does not keep his tongue in his pocket. Propelled to the presentation of the program Les apprentis aventuriers, which will be broadcast on W9 from May 16, Monday to Friday at 6:50 p.m., the former emblematic candidate of Koh-Lanta gave an exclusive interview to Télé Star. A great lover of survival, the latter began by explaining why he swapped his adventurer cap for that of presenter.

“In this show, there is overcoming, emotion and I like all the new experiences. I take on this role of animator in which I really enjoy. I was just afraid of not putting my touch of déconneur but when the participants arrived I felt at ease”, he began by telling. Asked about the difference between The apprentice adventurers and Koh-Lanta, Laurent Maistret was very clear.

Laurent Maistret: “It made me laugh a little to hear all this bullshit”

“Certainly, it takes less time, but living in huts where you sleep on the ground with dirt, it’s not so easy. And then, the gain is not the same”. And inevitably, the discussion logically drifted to the cheating affair during the last season of Koh-Lanta. Laurent’s response was unequivocal: “It made me laugh a little to hear all this bullshit. As I said before, I was not in these stories. I didn’t eat anything at all!“. Anyway, the controversy seems to be closed on Laurent’s side.

An interview to be found in full in your Télé Star, this Monday, May 9.


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