EXCLUDED.  Laury Thilleman: this radical decision she made at 30

Eleven years after being crowned Miss France, Laury Thilleman has become a recognized host. In the columns of Télé Star, she explains that she made an important decision for her well-being.

At 30, Laury Thilleman has never been so fulfilled. Years after being elected Miss France, the young woman has become a recognized animator. After spending several seasons on the Eurosport antenna, it was on France Télévisions that she became an essential face. In recent years, Laury Thilleman has been at the helm of several major awards such as La Fête de la chanson française, La Fête de la chanson à l’orientale, Tous en Martinique and several editions of the Victoires de la Musique. “I wanted to try something else and I took such a charge of adrenaline that I became addicted”she confides in the columns of TV Starto be found on newsstands this Monday, June 13, evoking her debut as a host.

Most of the time in Paris for work, Laury Thilleman remains very attached to her native Brittany where she returns every weekend. “Among my new certainties, I know that I will not end my life in Paris”, assures the former Miss France in our columns. Thirty since July 2021, the host of France Télévisions also took advantage of this milestone to take stock of her life and make a radical decision. “The milestone of 30 years made me realize that it was time to think of myself”, summarizes Laury Thilleman, with sincerity. And to add: “To continue doing well what I love, I need to focus on what makes me happy. No more pleasing others by never saying ‘no’ to them. From now on, I have decided to say ‘yes’ to me!”

Laury Thilleman: why did she separate from Juan Arbalaez?

This credo, Laury Thilleman therefore applied it to her professional life but also to her personal life. A few days ago, in fact, the host announced that she was separated from chef Juan Arbalaez, her husband since 2019. “In order to cut short all the rumors and nauseating articles, I wanted to share with you that after 7 years of intense happiness and living together at a thousand miles an hour, Juan and I have decided together to continue our journeys separately, she wrote. The tenderness, benevolence, gratitude and mutual respect that we will share remain and will remain intact, which is why we kindly ask you to respect our silence after this announcement.” The end of a beautiful love story that does not sound the end of Laury Thilleman’s pretty television career.

An interview to be found in full in your Télé Star, this Monday, June 13

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