EXCLUDED.  Tandem season 6: Astrid Veillon says more about the love story

Tuesday May 24, 2022, France 3 will broadcast the first two episodes of the sixth season of the Tandem series. In an interview with Télé Star, Astrid Veillon, who lends her features to Commander Léa Soler, agreed to say more about the next plot.

Tandem is about to make its big comeback! One year after the broadcast of the fifth season of the series, France 3 will broadcast a new season from Tuesday May 24, 2022. The opportunity to learn more about the next love affair of Commander Léa Soler… In an interview with TV Starhis interpreter, Astrid Veillon, confided: “Last year, she revealed herself by admitting to Paul that she was ready to start from scratch, and nothing happened! However, he is the man of her life, you have to accept him!“While the latter is in a relationship with Inès, the actress revealed:”This is what prevents Léa from intervening! Inès is going to be sickly jealous which will make her go very far. How long will Commander Soler be able to endure this? That is the question.

While Léa and Inès will be jealous of each other, Astrid Veillon confided that she had already been the victim of this rivalry between women when she was young.It hurt me a lot, but it helped me to review my behavior, because this image was not me“, she assured. Within a month, the stars of Tandem will begin filming the seventh season. Referring to his professional future, the actress clarified that she refrained from embarking on projects for the wrong reasons. She revealed:I really want the public to see me other than in the role of a cop. Weariness is coming and I’m not going to do this job for the money. I respect people too much not to say one day ‘them again!’

Astrid Veillon, does she get along well with Stéphane Blancafort?

During this interview, the actress revealed that she got along wonderfully with Stéphane Blancafort, her on-screen partner. “Me, on the set, I’m not always easy, I push him around a bit. After six seasons, I will always be there for him.“For his part, the actor regularly shares photos with Astrid Veillon on Instagram. On May 3, 2022, it was in the caption of a snapshot taken with the pretty brunette that he announced the return of the series. comments section, many netizens had reacted.”Far too hasty!“; “Thank you to the whole team for giving us so much happiness to watch you“, can we read.

Interview to be found in full in your magazine Télé Star on newsstands and in digital version this Monday, May 16


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