EXCLUDED.  The Traitors: Bernard Werber very reluctant, why he finally agreed to participate in the game

In an interview with the magazine Télé Star, on newsstands Monday August 8, 2022, Bernard Werber explains why he finally agreed to participate in the show Les Traitors on M6, when he was very reluctant at the start.

Wednesday August 17, 2022, M6 will launch a brand new show called Traitors in prime time. “It is in a magnificent castle that 14 personalities will take part in an experience they will never forget! A game of lies, manipulation and betrayal where all shots will be allowed. Among the 14 players, 3 will be designated as ‘traitors’, the others will be ‘loyal’. Day and night, ‘traitors’ will have to lie about their true identity, devise strategies to deceive ‘loyal’ and ensure their place in the game“, said the channel in its press release.

To achieve this, they will have to win events, resist psychological pressure, thwart strategies, deceive the enemy… And above all avoid eliminations to arrive last and win the game and an exceptional gain for the benefit of the association of their choice: 50 silver bars!“, also added M6. Presented by Éric Antoine, this new program will bring together the following celebrities: Paul El KharratNatoo, David Douillet, Alex Ramires, Elsa Esnoult, Camille Lacourt, Delphine Wespiser, Just Riadh Vanessa Douillet, Bernard Werber, Melococo, Martin Lamotte, Bruno Sanches and Clemence Castel.

Bernard Werber: “I had always refused this kind of program”

In an interview with the magazine TV Star, on newsstands Monday, August 8, 2022the writer Bernard Werber confided in the reasons that led him to participate in this program, despite his initial reluctance. “I often organize role-playing games at home with friends, and I’m only good as a master of ceremonies. I can’t lie“, he explained. In fact, it was the presence of Éric Antoine at the helm of the program that convinced Bernard Werber to start.”Everyone around me said: ‘Don’t go, it’s not your place. You have everything to lose from a credibility and image point of view. But I took the risk, being reassured by Eric’s presence. I had always refused this son-in-law of emissions, but with Éric, I said yes“, underlined the writer.

Article to be found in full in your magazine Télé Star on newsstands and in digital version this Monday, August 8, 2022.

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