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Executive director of the Santiago Marathon on sports culture in Chile: “We are on the right track”


Last Sunday was not only special for Mother’s Day, but also because A new edition of the Santiago Marathon was held in the capital. With 30 thousand people registered and overcoming the difficulties of organizing a massive event in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, the marathon was a success, according to its organizers.

Did you participate in any circuit? Did street closures and changes in public transport routes bother you? About all this and more Francisca Aguirre, the executive director of the Santiago Marathon, spoke with Un País Generoso on Monday.

Chilean winners and female participation

The runners They were looking forward to the sporting event that was stopped three years ago due to the pandemic. Finally, on Sunday, May 8, the day arrived when the 30 thousand registered they were able to pack the streets of Santiago as they ran.

But that’s not all, because for the first time in 14 years the winners were of Chilean nationality. Is about Daniel Cortes and Danica Kusanovic, who achieved first place in their respective categories.

Also, this was “The first version that in a distance we had more women than men (10k)”exposed Aguirre.

10K winners Jennifer González, Mariela Ortiz and María Acuña, @maratonsantiago

How was the 2022 Santiago Marathon organized?

Although the sporting event could have been threatened by possible rains, Francisca Aguirre reflects that “The people were so happy that nothing could color yesterday’s day.”

Nevertheless, it was not easy to achieve: “The planning and organization was tremendous”explains the director. This is because they had to work with eight municipalities, the Ministry and Seremi of Health, as well as other details of an event of such magnitude.

Besides, the uncertainty of covid-19 did not allow them to plan with certaintysince they had to define capacity, open or closed spaces, request for a Mobility Pass, among others.

Aguirre explains that one of the problems they had to face was when some runners (due to the same context of uncertainty) decided not to participate and asked for a refund of your money. This would affect logistics because, for example, t-shirts are made seven months in advance.

Santiago Gatorade Marathon 2022

Could it become an international level event?

Francisca Aguirre explains that to get there one of the important edges to consider is the culture around sport and the runs. For example, in New York it happens that «the day of the marathon is an event of the city, there is a culture around sport that the city embraces and that is missing ».

However, she says that we are not that far from achieving it, since in her years as director of the Santiago Marathon, she has seen an evolution in the attitude of people who do not run and citizens in general.

«At the beginning they were pure complaints and before you did not hear a positive comment from those who did not run. The marathoners ran alone through Santiago and there was no one supporting them»counted.

For what Aguirre now says about the sports culture in Chile that “we certainly lack, but we are on the right track”.

Finally, although They already have the date defined for the Santiago Marathon 2023, still can not reveal great details. “What we want is to continue growing (…), for it to be a legacy and something important for our city,” Aguirre concluded.

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