Extremely cool action film on TV today: the first 5 minutes alone will blow your mind

The best films don’t hesitate to captivate you completely. It often only takes a few minutes for the audience to immerse themselves in a world from which they no longer want to leave.

Baby Driver also gives such a kickstart. Edgar Wright’s action thriller, which is showing on RTL II tonight, overwhelms you with its furious opening sequence. It only takes the director six minutes to fire off his target (action sequences cut perfectly to the beat of the music) at top speed.

Check out the Baby Driver trailer

Baby Driver – Trailer 3 (German) HD


The opening of Baby Driver already contains the whole film

A few seconds pass in Edgar Wright’s work before the sun-bedecked protagonist (Ansel Elgort) reaches for the iPod in the car and the first track starts: Bellbottoms of the rock band Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Each beat of the song in the film is followed by a cut that reveals another person in the car.

The faces of the characters Jon Bernthal, Jon Hamm and Eiza González, also covered in sunglasses, make it immediately clear that something is about to start. After the three got out and march into a bank with black bagsAnsel Elgort’s main character still gets time to go undisturbed in the car to the song.

While the band’s piece is quieter for a moment, the tension of the film increases at the same time. The trio robs the bank, police sirens can already be heard in the background and the main character, who is waiting, becomes more restless. The three gangsters storm out of the bank and back into the car, the song hits a new high and Baby Driver becomes one chase set in motion before the film is three minutes old.

Suddenly Edgar Wright is already going full throttle as a director and whips his super-cool getaway driver through the streets of Atlanta. The second half of Baby Driver’s nearly six-minute opening scene is then on Feast for fans of car chases.

Baby Driver

Like Wright, the tension alone in the first sequence to the climax drives by continuing to follow the beat of each cut of his film Bellbottoms is adapted, makes even the megalomania of the last Fast & Furious parts green with envy.

The director cuts back and forth between squeaky drift maneuvers, narrow side streets and dangerous nail traps with pinpoint accuracy, until the vehicles themselves look like dynamic bodiesdancing to the beat of the music.

who the essence of the film wants to experience, you will feel it right at the beginning. And that was just the first six minutes of Baby Driver. I guarantee you, the rest is worth it too.

Baby Driver is on RTL II today at 10:10 p.m.

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