Fake wig and strident voice: Cauet has fun with Laurence Boccolini

Cauet made a sensational entrance on the Touche plateau not at my post on C8, making up as host Laurence Boccolini in The Weak Link!

Laurence Boccolini is back in The Weak Link… or almost! Cyril Hanouna had a surprise guest in Touche pas à mon poste on C8, this Wednesday. In effect, cauet burst into the set, made up in Laurence Boccolini ! What provoke the hilarity of the chroniclers and the public on set, in front of the animator landing dressed in a wig of blond and short hair and a long black dress, moving with the help of a segway. And icing on the cake: cauet didn’t just disguise as Laurence Boccolinihe also adopted a strident voice to add a dose of absurdity to his character.

His cards in hand, “Cauet Boccolini” asked questions to the chroniclers. “It looks like Marine Le Pen after the vaccine,” commented Cyril Hanouna. “He’s going to shut up!”shouted cauet. “Good evening everyone and welcome to the weak baballon”introduced the star of NRJ. “All the candidates are going to answer my questions, starting with Matthieu. Say hello or I’ll get you high! Matthieu, three questions: give me three things that we can put on quickly.” The columnists, in good shape that evening, replied: “Cyril Hanouna, Hugo Manos and Benjamin Castaldi.” Later comes the turn of the ex-Miss France, reprimanded for her posture around the table. “Delphine… We behave well!”calls out cauet. Four minutes of tension at its peak!

Cauet celebrates 50 years on stage

Yes cauet was in Touche pas à mon poste this Wednesday, it was to promote his new show called 100% libre. After doing the show in Laurence Boccolini, he dropped the Weakest Link getup to talk about his news. He will celebrate his 50th birthday this Thursday, April 28. A birthday that he will spend on stage.


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