Netflix nightmare begins: Bombastic trailer promises one of the biggest fantasy series of the year

Netflix has done the impossible and created an excellent adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s iconic graphic novel, Sandman. The dark fantasy epic about the dream ruler Dream (Tom Sturridge) is a 10-episode film based on the first two of a total of 10 comic books

In this article you will find the most important information about the renewal and start of the Netflix series Sandman. We also take a look at the possible plot of season 2 and what the comic template and the end of the first season already reveal.

Has Sandman been renewed for a second season yet?

So far, Netflix Sandman season 2 not yet ordered. This is where the success or failure of the fantasy series in the first few weeks after launch will shed some light. As a rule, Netflix waits several weeks before making a judgment on the sequel.

Sandman – Trailer (German)


A positive sign for a possible sequel: the creative minds behind the series are already busy writing the screenplays about season 2, as David S. Goyer, who developed the Sandman adaptation together with Allan Heinberg and Neil Gaiman, in an interview with Den of Geek already betrayed.

When does Sandman season 2 start on Netflix?

Due to the numerous elaborate effects, Sandman requires a longer production time than other Netflix series. It took 22 months from the start of shooting the first season to publication – albeit with time-consuming pandemic restrictions. Therefore will Season 2 probably not before 2024 on Netflix can start.

This is what the ending and the comics reveal about Sandman Season 2

Hardly any comic adaptation sticks as close to the original as Netflix’s Sandman. Season 1 filmed the two anthologies Preludes and Notturni and The Doll’s House. Therefore, a look at the following volumes of the graphic novel saga is definitely worthwhile. These already reveal how it goes on with Dream, Lucifer and the Eternals.

Sandman Template for Season 2: Dreamland

volume 3 is a collection of four standalone short stories. Among other things, there is a reunion with William Shakespeare (Samuel Blenkin), who was seen very briefly in Season 1. But even more important to the overall plot of Sandman is a tragic chapter about the muse Calliope and her connection to Dream. This volume could be completely adapted with one episode – maybe that will be a bonus to shorten the wait for season 2.

Sandman Template for Season 2: The Age of Mist

Lucifer plots against Dream

volume 4 will form a large part of the storyline of season 2 and was prepared at the very end of season one. In the final scene announces itself Attack of Lucifer (Gwendoline Christie) and the envoys of hell on Dream and his dream realm. The threat of looming war is an important part of this Sandman chapter.

But that doesn’t happen and a surprising twist follows. Warning, spoilers: When Dream travels to Hell to confront Lucifer, Hell is closing the gates. She resigns her post and presents Dream with the keys to Hell. Chaos ensues as numerous gods want to seize control of the underworld. spoiler end.

Sandman Template for Season 2: Across the Seas to the Sky

Barbie will soon become the main character

volume 5 could be adapted in the second half of season 2 and focus on an already well-known supporting character. This storyline is dedicated to Rose Walker’s neighbor Barbie (Lily Travers). Since the events surrounding the dream vortex, she can no longer dream, separated from Ken and now lives in New York.

Soon, however, Barbie’s dreamed fantasy kingdom will return, including the mythical creature Martin Tenbones, while reality and dream world begin to merge. As in many Sandman stories, Dream isn’t really a main character here and only appears on the sidelines.

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