Avatar - Lord of the Elements

Only 3 seasons of Avatar were filmed, but the shadow of the best animated series ever is long. After this End of the fantasy epic there have been various attempts to return to this world, with varying degrees of success. Netflix is ​​currently working on a live-action adaptation to take some of the shine off of this modern classic. But it doesn’t stop there, as a new message from the Na’vi-free Avatar universe shows.

3 movies from the world of Avatar The Last Airbender are coming

This message could make fans of the original happier than the last real film attempts. Because Paramount and Nickelodeon bring 3 animated films from the Avatar universe out how Variety reported. Paramount made the project public at the Annecy Animated Film Festival.

Avatar – Lord of the Elements

The following information about the new Avatar films is known:

The announcement states that Lauren Montgomery will direct for “same accomplished and beautiful work” should take care “like the original series”. A strong deviation from the style of the animated series is therefore not to be expected.

When and where will the new films in the fantasy series come out?

So far there is no release date for the first film. In the statement in Annecy, it is at least described as “theatrical”, but it is unclear whether the film will actually be released in cinemas worldwide.

The shooting of the upcoming Netflix series will be completed later this month. However, the series has to do without the two Avatar creators, who left the project early. Netflix’ project also has no start date.

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