Both Princess Diana and Prince Charles as well as Duchess Kate and Prince William have already visited the landmark Ayers Rock in Australia - and both prince consorts scored with an impeccable choice of clothes.  (Photo)

When it comes to the British Royals, everyday life in the palace is essential, confidants in the background are essential. However, Princess Kate will have to do without just such a person in the future – at least in a certain function.

if royals like King Charles III, Princess Kate and Prince William or Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, appear in public, only very few of those who cheer the members of the royal family have any idea what everyday life in the palace is really like. Behind the scenes, a number of busy hands ensure that nothing gets mixed up during the royal appointments and that the first guard of the royal family can devote themselves entirely to the representative duties on behalf of the crown.

Separation in the royal family: Princess Kate has to say goodbye to her confidant

Each member of the family who carries out official duties at the Windsor house has their own team at their side – including Kate, the Princess of Wales. Since her marriage to Prince William in April 2011, Kate Middleton, as King Charles III’s daughter-in-law, has been able to dress like a king. before her marriage meant relying on a staff of employees to make everyday royal life easier for her. One of the close confidantes Princess Kate has been able to count on for years is Hannah Cockburn-Logie. The palace employee was unofficially considered Princess Kate’s right hand – but now the Princess of Wales has to say goodbye to her close confidante.

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Hannah Cockburn-Logie gives up royal posts – but Princess Kate can breathe easy

As the British “Daily Mail” reports, Hannah Cockburn-Logie takes her hat and gives up part of her duties in the British royal family. Accordingly, she has decided to leave her senior position at the Royal Foundation of the Crown Prince Couple of Wales, the Royal Foundation.

According to reports, however, Princess Kate does not have to do without her confidante entirely: Hannah Cockburn-Logie, who has been in the service of the British Foreign Office and the Commonwealth for the past 20 years, will remain as private secretary for the Princess of Wales, it is said. According to the Daily Mail, Cockburn-Logie has held this position since June 2020.

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