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Felipe Neto took the opportunity to take time out and interact with followers in Instagram stories and opened a box of questions. In one of them, the youtuber was asked if he would have liked to go to Qatar to watch the World Cup up close.

When responding to the netizen, he confessed that he was invited by one of his sponsors to go to the country that is hosting the world football event this year. However, the content creator refused and explained why he didn’t go abroad even though he was passionate about the sport.



“I wasn’t going to go into this subject too much, but anyway… I was invited by Blaze to go to Qatar to watch all the games I wanted, with everything paid for and etc… And I denied it”, admitted.

then the businessperson explained that he had nothing against people who went to the country to watch the games, however, he preferred not to go because his principles spoke louder.

🇧🇷I cannot fight so much for issues of human rights principles, for all the agendas and struggles that I fight for here in Brazil and go to a country like Qatar to celebrate. So that ended up speaking louder and I thought it best to stay here”, explained.

However, Felipe highlighted that not having gone to see the World Cup games does not mean that he will never visit a country like that, on the contrary. However, due to the context, he chose that staying in Brazil would be the best alternative at this time.

“I may want to take a cultural trip, want to know, but for the World Cup, to party, in a Cup that I totally disagree with being held there, I decided not to go”, scored.

On social networks, many people spoke about the problems involving Qatar, such as the deaths, in which, according to ESPN, 625,000 migrant workers died in the construction of all the infrastructure for the competition. In addition homosexuality is illegal in the muslim country.

Felipe Neto answers his biggest goal in life

Still responding to fans on Instagram, Felipe Neto told what his biggest object is at the moment. In addition to enjoying creating content for the internet, the influencer said that he is putting all his strength into being able to open his institute and wants to make this dream come true.

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Social projects have had the full attention of the famous man who said he was investing heavily in the Felipe Neto Institute and getting more and more involved in this matter. However, soon the public will be able to know more about this subject.

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