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Party day! the presenter Fernanda Gentil is turning 36 years old this Wednesday (23), and made a point of celebrating the moment on her social networks. In a total World Cup atmosphere, the TV Globo communicator published a very amusing video on her Instagram in which he appears completely wearing the colors of Brazil while working.

In the images, she appears sitting working in front of the computer and then the famous appears celebrating her birthday with balloons, cake and a Brazil-themed whistle.



“AAAAHHHHHHHHHH but anyone who knows me knows that there may be a World Cup, a lot of work, it may rain hail and signs of UFOs appear, but I do make time for the 23/11 which for me is a national holiday global world energy global positivity maximum day of breathing pause and a total feeling of gratitude on my part for having the honor of opening yet another new cycle flooded with affection, beautiful messages and love from all sides”, she began.

“It is inevitable to remember that this is the first cycle that I open without my Nalinha; that was the first thing I thought of today when I woke up. Then I prayed again, I spoke with her, and I felt peace in my heart for realizing once again how lucky I was to have had such a partnership in my life. I celebrated the luck of having the woman I have, the children I have, the father, the mother, the brother, the work, the work team, and the friends I have. And then I realized how many reasons I have to celebrate…”, she said.

Gentle thanked the messages received

At another point, Fernanda Gentil thanked the numerous messages of affection received from her friends, fans and followers.

“Thank you everyone who sent messages, for the giant affection that came in them. Thank you people from above, for the tireless and impeccable work to give me the perfect obstacles and fundamental blessings for me to get here being who I am – the obstacles put me on the right track, and the blessings cradled me in it”, thanked the presenter .

“My 36 arrive with the feeling that I don’t know what I did to have all this, but with the certainty that I will continue to do everything the same. Thank you my Gentilmores. I love you. A lot!”, she ended.

Check out Fernanda Gentil’s post on social media:

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