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Not very honest and concerned with appearances, Ibraim appeared for the first time in the soap opera Pantanal. Érica’s father (Marcela Fetter), the politician played by Dan Stulbach traveled with his daughter to the state of Mato Grosso do Sul in order to solve a problem: Zé Lucas’ baby is in the girl’s belly. The character still promises to cause and if the final Ibraim Pantanal is the same as in 1990 in Manchete, Zé Lucas will be very affected by the duo.

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How was the final Ibraim Pantanal in 1990

In 1990, the final Ibraim Pantanal took place after Zé Lucas agreed to travel with the deputy and Érica to São Paulo, to get married. In the scenes of the time, Zé Lucas lived with the duo in the Southeast for some time, saw his father-in-law’s profession up close and even participated in expensive social activities with father and daughter. However, during this period, Zé Lucas discovered that Erica’s pregnancy was nothing more than a lie, which made him leave. When he returns to his father’s house, in Mato Grosso do Sul, Ibraim and Érica do not appear in the soap again.

However, it is necessary to tell the story of Ibraim and Erica from the beginning to understand how the coup happened. First, the journalist went to the Pantanal to do an article about the biome and ended up meeting Zé Lucas. The two got involved, went to bed and shortly after the girl left.

Zé Lucas thought he would never see the blonde again, until she returns a few chapters later, this time accompanied by her father. Ibraim insists that Zé Lucas marry his daughter on account of the baby and the pawn agrees. After some time in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Ibraim, Érica and Zé Lucas travel to São Paulo. About to get married, Zé Lucas stumbles upon a surprising revelation: Erica’s pregnancy is a lie.

The character is revolted by the situation, ends the engagement and returns to his father’s house. From this point on in the Manchete version, Ibraim and Érica do not see Zé Leôncio’s heir again and disappear completely from the plot of the novel.

Thus, it can be seen that the participation of the politician in the plot is not very large and the final Ibraim Pantanal does not happen at the end of the novel, but much earlier. To give you an idea, from Erica’s return to the discovery of the belly blow, about 30 chapters pass in the old version. After that, the telenovela had almost 60 chapters until its last moments on the small screen.

Possible changes in the remake

It is possible that the outcome of Érica and the final Ibraim Pantanal are different in the TV Globo remake. What indicates this are the words of actress Gisela Reimann, who played Érica in 1990 and plays Ingrid in 2022, mother of the journalist – an unprecedented character, Ingrid was written by Bruno Luperi especially for the new production.

In a conversation with actress Marcela Fetter for Rede Globo’s official website, Gisela commented on the differences between the versions. The actress stressed that the endings will be a little different from each other and that this time Érica and Ibraim will not just disappear from the plot. In addition, she even indicated that the false pregnancy may not appear in the remake.

“Erica’s ending is now better than my version. Mine disappeared, it pretended to be pregnant, and the one in 2022 is more ‘closed’, it has an ending more to do with her. Erica would never fake a pregnancy and Luperi brought something more convincing with the way she is”, she explained. The famous did not give more details to explain what the plot will be in the remake.

What is the ultimate wetland ibram? In the image, dan who plays ibraim, gisela who plays ingrid and marcela fetter, actress who plays rica – photo: reproduction/globo/instagram/@giselareimannoficial

Zé Lucas will become a councilor because of Ibraim

Despite all the confusion that Érica and Ibraim cause in Zé Lucas’ life, living with the duo is not all bad for Zé Lucas’ firstborn. This is because the character ends up finding his vocation. During the period he spent with his ex-fiancée and ex-father-in-law, Zé Lucas received incentives to pursue political life. He did not agree with Ibraim’s approaches and considered the deputy bad character and corrupt. However, he realized he had a knack for it.

When he returns from São Paulo – alone after discovering the false pregnancy – he remains interested in the subject. With different convictions than Ibraim had, and willing to have a fairer approach to the population, Zé Lucas decides to try a new life and career.

In the last chapter of the 1990 plot, it is revealed that Zé Lucas managed to get elected councilor and therefore “barely stopped at home”. The information is given to the viewer during a conversation between Velho do Rio and Antero/Anterinho, Irma’s son with Trindade, who becomes Zé Lucas’ stepson after the violist leaves Zé Leôncio’s farm forever.

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