Finally: The most important sequel since Avatar 2 finds its director

In December, the time has finally come: Avatar 2: The Way of Water is coming to cinemas. The sci-fi movie isn’t the only sequel though, that we have been waiting for for years and almost lost faith that she really exists. The third Paddington film has also had us nervously flipping through the theatrical release lists for half a decade.

He brings salvation Hollywood reporters with a new report: Paddington 3 officially has the green light and a promising title preserved: Paddington in Peru. In addition, the director of the sequel is certain: Dougal Wilson takes over the baton from Paul King, who staged the first two parts.

From Pandora to Peru, Avatar 2 is followed by the long-awaited sequel, Paddington 3

It was already indicated some time ago that King would not return to the director’s chair. Last but not least, he is currently filming the Willy Wonka prequel with Timothée Chalamet. His replacement is an unexpected choice: Wilson has primarily acted as a Music video and advertising director on road. Paddington in Peru will be his first feature film.

You can watch the trailer for Paddington 2 here:

Paddington 2 – Trailer (German) HD


The shooting of Paddington in Peru will start in 2023. As the title suggests, in addition to London, the Home of the friendly bear an important setting for the sequel. Already in the predecessors we got a few insights into the jungle of Peru. This time, a large part of the film seems to take place there.

When will Paddington 3 hit theaters?

The theatrical release of Paddington in Peru is not yet certain. The previous films started in December and November respectively. It’s very likely that Studiocanal and Heyday Films are targeting a similar launch for Part 3. Accordingly, Paddington could be in Peru end of 2024 arrive.

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Are you looking forward to Paddington in Peru?

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