Find out who is the blonde hottie who was seen with Diego Hipólito

Last Friday (17th), Diego Hipólito was seen in an atmosphere of romance with a blonde hottie, on the beach of Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. In clicks made by a paparazzo, it is possible to see them having a few drinks, talking, exchanging kisses and even choosing together a new bikini for the girl.

The photos quickly reverberated in the media and aroused the curiosity of fans. not just to know who was the mystery blondeas well as whether the two had any romantic relationship, given that the athlete publicly came out as gay when he released his biography in 2019.

Therefore, the next day, Diego Hypólito decided to put an end to speculation and posted a photo with the girl on his Instagram. In the record, the blonde appears on the famous man’s lap. In the caption, he posted a tribute on the young woman’s birthday: “Happy Birthday! I love you”he wrote.

Finally, the Olympic champion revealed the girl’s identity. Her name is Rafaela Mesquita, she is from Rio de Janeiro and is 19 years old. The cat is trained as a dancer and ballerina at Centro de Dança do Rio and currently studies dentistry.

Amidst the rumors that they would be living a romance, Rafaela made it clear that they are just friends. “We are best friends. Only this”, said the blonde hottie to UOL Esporte.

Through Instagramlast Sunday (19), the ballerina also posted a tribute on Diego Hipólito’s birthday. On the occasion, she used a photo in which she appears in a bikini on the beach with her friend and in the caption, she left a message: “Today is his day. Thank you for being such a special friend, I love you so much!!! Happy Birthday”she declared.

Diego Hipólito came out as gay

Diego Hypólito first spoke about his homosexuality in 2019, when he was 32 years old. At the time, he said he discovered he was gay at 19 and that he went into hiding for many years, fearing it would jeopardize his career.

“I lived the loneliness of not having anyone with whom I could share the dilemmas of being a gay person in a prejudiced society. As much as everyone has the impression that there are a lot of gay people in gymnastics, there isn’t. Everyone made fun of me, made fun of me in my own way. I had a dream of getting an Olympic medal. And I would do anything to get there. Even hiding who I was. I was sure that if I ever came out publicly, I would lose sponsorships. And my career would be jeopardized.” he wrote in his biography.

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