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The civic movements Participación Ciudadana (PC) and the Fundación Institucionalidad y Justicia agreed that it is necessary to apply forceful measures to stop political proselytizing at the wrong time carried out by the main parties throughout the country.

Joseph Manuel Abreu and Servio Tulio Castaños Guzmán lamented that the Central Electoral Board (JCE) is deficient in enforcing Law 33-19 on Political Parties, Groups and Movements and Organic Law 15-19 on the Electoral Regime.

Serbian Tulio Castaños Guzmán

“Indeed, these laws establish clear sanctions, the party law for pre-campaign periods establishes the inadmissibility of candidacies when they start before the pre-campaign period and Law 15-19 in its article 280 establishes administrative sanctions for movements and parties politicians from one to 200 minimum wages for violations of its provisions, “explained Abreu.

He added that “this is contained in a statement that the Board itself published in September 2021, at the end, and it has always been the position of the Board to call for recollection, but it never establishes the sanctions, never stipulates the law, always makes a called for attention, then, as we have claimed in previous positions, what we demand is that the Board apply the sanctions and apply the law because until the sanctioning regime is applied, the movements and the parties are not going to learn.

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Abréu said that his demand is not part of the activity carried out by the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) yesterday, but because of the proselytizing activities that all the political parties have been carrying out alleging the swearing-in of new leaders or the internal renewal of these groups.

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Joseph Manuel Abreu

The executive of P.Citizen Participation He stressed that in all the activities carried out by political parties, proposals, candidacies, harangues are currently being promoted, and he said that the JCE must act categorically and forcefully and define the sanctions that correspond to the framework of the law.


For his part, Castaños Guzmán said that in the country there is an overflow of political activities in a general sense.

He considered that the Central Electoral Board, based on what its attributions are, must make the decisions of place, it must play its role.

“But there is an overflow in a general sense and that has been the practice in the Dominican Republic, the practice has been that once the ruling party completes the first two years or is on the verge of completing the first two years, obviously it reactivates political activity,” he said.

The Finjus executive added that “this has been the practice and the Board has historically been deficient in enforcing what the Electoral Regime Law and the Political Parties Law itself establishes.”

Castaños Guzmán recognized that the JCE has been warning and calling the parties, but they do not pay attention.

“What we have here is that we continue to insist that the parties all have to submit to what the laws establish, but the truth is that there is an overflow,” he said.

The bell

With yesterday’s harangue by President Luis Abinader, who asked the Perremeists to take to the streets to defend their government work, the proselytizing that has been taking place in the country for months increased. This weekend, former presidents Leonel Fernández and Danilo Medina also led proselytizing activities of their respective political parties.

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