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Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Fiordaliza Cofil in an impressive demonstration yesterday won the 400 and 200 meter dash of the Félix Sánchez Classic and set a new personal best in the athletics competition that was held at the Luguelín Santos track in Bayaguana.

Cofil made a time of 51.11 in 400, while in 200 he did 22.07.

In the 400 meters she beat Jamaican Roneisha Mcgregor, who stopped the clock at 52-53. Third place went to Mexican Paola Moran with 53.12.

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Cofil is classified for the World Cup in Oregon, United States and will participate next week in the 400 meters in the Ibero-American from May 20 to 22 of this month in Alicante, Spain.


There will also be competing in the 400 meters his compatriot Marileidy Paulino.

Cofil, who is trained by the trained coach José Rubio, once again exhibited great qualities by triumphing in the 400 and 200 and being one of the leaders of the Clásico Félix Sánchez.

happy lydio

Dominican Lidio Feliz shone in the 400-meter dash with a time of 44.83 and, incidentally, qualified for the Oregon World Cup.

Happy, who is one of the promises of Dominican athletics, every day follows his progress in the discipline. T

International technicians who were present at the event praised the conditions and performance of the Dominican.

Jamaica’s Javon Francis finished in second place with 45.53, while Dominican Luguelín Santos ranked third with 45.86.


Another Dominican who was successful was Alexander Ogando in the 200-meter dash.

Ogando, who is very well ranked by national and international experts, since he started in the 200 meters he showed his power and strength to prevail in the difficult test.

The native of San Juan de la Maguana made a time of 20.54.


The national representation also had an excellent job by Christopher Valdez, who competed in the 100 meters to take first place.

The Dominican sprinter stopped the clock at 10.54.


Luisín Mejía, a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Gerardo Suero Correa, president of the Dominican Athletics Federation, positively valued the Félix Sánchez Classic and considered the event to be very important and should receive the support of official bodies and private companies. .

The two senior sports leaders stated that it was a scenario where the progress of Dominican athletes came to light.

“Athletics triumphs again”, they indicated.

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