First Kill: Sarah Catherine Hook, actress played by Juliette Fairmont

Netflix’s new fantasy series First Kill has been showing the love story between a monster hunter and a vampire in 8 episodes since June 10, 2022. If you’re wondering why individual performers seem so familiar to you, you’ll find answers here.

Based on a short story by the writer Victoria Schwab (which is published in the anthology Vampires Never Get Old *was published) Juliette and Calliope meet at a pivotal moment in their young lives. Because while one is supposed to suck off her first victim as a vampire, the other as a vampire hunter is also facing her first kill, i.e. her first monster murder. You may have seen some of the stars from the cast of the Netflix series before.

First Kill Cast: Sarah Catherine Hook plays Juliette Fairmont

First Kill: Sarah Catherine Hook, actress played by Juliette Fairmont

Sarah Catherine Hook embodies the young vampire Juliette Fairmont. She hasn’t been in the business for long as an actress, but has already had several brief roles in series such as NOS4A2 (also Vampire), Monsterland (also Horror/Fantasy) and Season 3 American Crime Story (also Netflix). She probably had her biggest role before First Kill in the horror film sequel Conjuring 3: The Vampire Slayer as Debbie Glatzel, the sister of the possessed boy.

First Kill Cast: Imani Lewis is Calliope “Cal” Burns

First Kill: Imani Lewis, actress of Calliope “Cal” Burns

Imani Lewis plays Calliope Burns, aspiring monster slayer, aka Cal, in the Netflix series First Kill. The actress has been involved with vampires and Netflix in her previous career, starring as Gloria in Vampires vs. the Bronx. You may also know her from the coming-of-age movie Eighth Grade, or the series The Equalizer, Hightown, Star, and The Get Down.

First Kill Cast: Elizabeth Mitchell plays Margot

First Kill: Elizabeth Mitchell, actress of Margot

Elizabeth Mitchell is perhaps the most recognizable face in First Kill as a star. The actress of the vampire mother has already held many prominent series roles – such as that of Dr. Juliet Burke in Lost, Ingrid in Once Upon a Time and Anna Volovodov in The Expanse. The Netflix audience also knows her from Outer Banks. Movie fans, on the other hand, will have seen them in The Purge 3 – Election Year, Running Scared and the two Santa Clause sequels.

First Kill Cast: Aubin Wise plays Talia

First Kill: Aubin Wise, mother Talia actress

Aubin Wise embodied in Netflix’s First Kill Calliope’s mother Talia. The actress did not have many roles before the Netflix series, but has appeared in individual episodes of the series Atlanta and The Under 5ers and starred in the films The Finest and Dimland.

First Kill Cast: Jason Robert Moore is Jack

First Kill: Jason Robert Moore, actor from Father Jack

Jason R Moore stars in First Kill Cal’s father Jack, who, like his wife, is a longtime monster hunter. The actor should be familiar to Marvel Netflix audiences for his portrayal of one-legged veteran and good Frank Castle friend Curtis Hoyle on both seasons of Marvel’s The Punisher. He has also appeared in films such as Killjoy Goes to Hell and A Lonely Place for Dying.

First Kill Cast: Will Swenson plays Sebastian

First Kill: Will Swenson, Actor of Sebastian

Will Swenson embodied in First Kill Sebastian, Juliette’s father. When the actor isn’t playing a vampire, you can also catch him on Netflix as Pan in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or in the Netflix crime series Hit & Run. He has also appeared in films such as The Greatest Showman and The Kitchen: Queens of Crime.

First Kill Cast: Gracie Dzienny plays Elinor

First Kill: Gracie Dzienny, actress of Elinor

Where Juliette is still struggling with her existence in First Kill is playing Grace Dzienny in her family the model vampire sister Elinor. The actress is already known to Netflix viewers from the superhero format Jupiter’s Legacy (as Ruby Red). She has also appeared in major roles on Zoo and Chasing Life and played Tina the bitch on Transformers spin-off Bumblebee.

First Kill Cast: Phillip Mullings Jr. and

Dominic Goodman

play Theo and Apollo

First Kill: Dominic Goodman & Phillip Mullings Jr. as Apollo & Theo

Not only Juliette has a vampire sister, Cal also has two monster hunter brothers: Phillip Mullings Jr. plays Theo. The actor has previously appeared in high school comedy We Love You and has starred in the series Chad. Dominic Goodman mimics Apollo and was seen before First Kill in Netflix’ One Like No One.

More actresses and actors in Netflix’ First Kill

In other roles you can also experience the following actors, who are even less well-known in Germany, in the First Kill cast on Netflix:

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