A romantic comedy

The 2022 edition of the romantic film festival opens its doors on June 15. Focus on 5 highlights announced among the forty films that will be screened there.

A romantic comedy by Thibault Segouin

The story : After disappearing overnight, César reappears in Salomé’s life and discovers that he is the father of a 3-year-old girl.

Why rush into it? To discover on the screen the new duo Golshifteh Farahani-Alex Lutz staged in an atmosphere mixing romanticism and offbeat humor. At the controls, we find, for his first feature film, Thibault Segouin whom Lutz knows well because they had co-signed together (accompanied by Anaïs Deban) the screenplay of guy which earned them a César nomination in 2019.

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The Innocent by Louis Garrel

The story : When Abel learns that his mother Sylvie, in her sixties, is about to marry a man in prison, he panics. Supported by his best friend, he will do everything to try to protect her. But the meeting with his new stepfather will offer him unexpected perspectives….

Why rush into it? Because it was one of the tastiest moments of Cannes 2022 when laughter burst out in the large Lumière hall where it was presented, on the evening of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the festival. With the complicity in the writing of the writer Tanguy Viel, Louis Garrel signs his best film, the most rhythmic, the most hilarious, the most endearing with an irresistible quartet of actors: Garrel himself, Anouk Grinberg, Roschdy Zem and Noémie Merlant.

The Innocent
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maria dream by Lauriane Escaffre and Yvonnick Muller

The story : Housekeeper married for 25 years, reserved, shy and awkward, Maria never leaves her flower notebook in which she writes poems in secret. His assignment to the École des Beaux-Arts and his meeting with the whimsical guardian of the place will develop his creativity and his audacity.

Why rush into it? Because we can’t wait to discover the transition to feature films by this duo of directors, awarded in 2020 with the César du court for the very successful On time where a butcher’s daughter decided to undertake studies as a beautician instead of taking over from her father. And because the presence of Gregory Gadebois – as in On time – is always a guarantee of quality.

Maria dreams (Karin Viard and Grégory Gadebois)
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Christophe… definitely by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Ange Leccia

The story : A documentary built like an ideal concert, from the Olympia to Versailles, from the backstage to Christophe’s home-studio apartment where his treasures accumulated over time were mixed and where his songs were born…

Why rush into it? Because a little over two years after his sudden death from COVID at the age of 74, we miss Christophe, his songs and his sumptuous concerts more than ever. And that as fine connoisseurs of the man as of the artist, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Ange Leccia paint a portrait that shows him behind the scenes of his creations, his obsessions and his infinite passion for the seventh art in a fragmented form that marries that of his musical creations.

Christophe… definitely by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Ange Leccia
New Story

Close by Lukas Dhont

The story : The story of a friendship between two 13-year-old kids, shattered by tragedy.

Why rush into it? Because like the Mommy by Xavier Dolan in his time, the second feature film by the director of Girl was the Palme du Coeur at Cannes 2022. Ten minutes of enthusiastic standing ovation from festival-goers with eyes filled with tears came to greet this overwhelming melody around the feeling of guilt where Dhont, after Victor Polster, reveals the talent of another very young beginner gifted Eden Dabrine.

Close by Lukas Dhont
Kris Dewitte

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