The Farm 2022: Deolane explains why she never parted ways with MC Kevin

The actress Flavia Alessandra shared beautiful clicks with his more than 11 million followers on Instagram🇧🇷 The muse celebrated the arrival of the weekend and put her neckline on for the game.

On the occasion, Julia and Olivia’s mother came up with an all-white look, consisting of a crochet top and miniskirt. The muse even sported a designer bag and put on a great smile for the cameras.



🇧🇷And Friday, right people? Just the way I like it, with lots of sun to energize the body“, said the celebrity, in the caption of the publication. Fans did not skimp on praising the muse.

🇧🇷Gorgeous🇧🇷princess always beautiful🇧🇷Preciousness🇧🇷 “Beauty flower”, “Very beautiful”, “Sensational”, were some of the comments that the artist received from Internet users.

Flavia even got a statement from a fan. “Summer is not yet here, but the sun never failed! Your light shines, I love you”, said the person, melting for the blonde.

Flávia recalls perrengue

Recently, to Venus Podcastthe actress recalled a perrengue she experienced while recording one of the final sequences of the Globo soap opera Porto dos Milagresin 2002, alongside Leonardo Brício and Marcos Palmeira.

The sequence showed the villain Alexandre, played by Brício, kidnapping the girl Lívia, played by Flávia, in front of Guma (Palmeira).

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“We went to record in a pool park in Rio, because there was a wave pool, and we needed that for the scene. But Leo Brício is a very intense person as an actor. Was always! I’ve done some soap operas with Leo, and there’s always some emotion with him when there are scenes like this. He gives himself completely and goes beyond any limits!”said Octavian’s wife.

“In that scene, he had to grab me by the hook and carry me along. At the time I already said: ‘man, screw it, with Leo it won’t work…’ At the time, recording, everything dark, the fan with the wind, wave, thunder, he gets emotional… He grabbed me by the hook and he was dragging me and I was hitting him: ‘Leo, I need to breathe!’”, he said, laughing.

“And I started with shivering, hypothermia from the water, weak, because I was fighting with him in the wave pool. When we got out of there, I was on the verge of fainting.” added the artist, who is 48 years old.

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