Flay flaunts ripped abs on trip to Turkey

The ex-BBB 20 Flay is enjoying delicious days in Cappadocia, Turkey. Updating her official Instagram account and showing several moments of the trip to the country, the famous stole the show in a publication. She came up with a black top, squandering your ripped abs.

In the caption of the publication, she did not stretch and spoke quickly about the place where the clicks were made. “Sweet Cappadocia,” she said, which received thousands of likes in a short span of time. In the comments, there were many compliments and affectionate messages left for the muse. “Beautiful thing,” said one verified netizen. “I love it so much”, declared another user.

Check out the photos from Flay’s trip to Turkey:

Bullshit with MC Gui’s father

This week, Flay ended up becoming the target of gossip. Everything happened after Rogério Silvafather of the singer MC GUI, stated that the artist is living an affair with her son. He is on the roster of Power Couple 2022 and ended up dropping this information during a conversation.

Through Instagram stories, the former BBB complained about the exposure of her life and said that she never accepted to participate in this reality show format so as not to link her image to a relationship.

I never accepted to participate in the ‘Power Couple’ so as not to have my intimate life exposed, not to associate my image with a relationship. And, on the third day of ‘Power’, even without being there, I had my intimate and private life exposed on national television by ‘I said, I’m light’. Look how cool”, complained the famous.

Ex-BBB continues his outburst

At another point, Flay explains that he didn’t like what he heard from MC Gui’s father, but commented that she is a free woman and, because of that, she can get involved with whoever she wants.

At first I freaked out, I looked at that bomber, that extreme exposure of my intimacy. As for me, I don’t care. Say what you want. I don’t care if you want to know who I kiss, but things can’t be told like that, thrown in the air”, complained the famous.

Before ending the conversation made through Instagram, the former participant of BBB 20 comments that she is single and does not need to explain it to anyone. “I’m single, I’m not in a relationship with anyone. I take as many as I want, I am a free woman,” she concluded.

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