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Florian Silbereisen has reached the top of Schlagerolymp. The folk musician and presenter was also on the jury of the German ESC preliminary round and is the captain of the dream ship. But the career of the down-to-earth Bavarian is unthinkable without the support of a few special companions.

About the ex-relationship between Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen was widely reported in the media. Far less known is the family background of the famous folk musician from Tiefenbach near Passau in Bavaria. Because the entertainment talent was supported by his family throughout his life in his professional plans.

Florian Silbereisen private: Father Franz drove him to performances early on

“Flori” could not only count on the support of his four older siblings, it was his parents in particular who believed in their son from the start: “When I was little, my parents gave up a lot for me for a while . They sacrificed every free minute and supported me. My dad often drove all night with me as a boy through the country to the performances,” Silbereisen told Intouch in 2012 about his father Franz, a former building manager.

Helga Silbereisen is the best mother in the world for Florian

Early practice: When he was still a baby in his mother’s womb, she already had him folk music played. Helga Silbereisen is “the best mom in the world” for Florian, as he has often communicated. For a long time he lived with her under the same roof, from time to time she did the laundry when her son was on tour again.

And yet is about the family of the successful Clubbb3-Member relatively little known. Florian Silbereisen repeatedly emphasized that he wanted to keep his parents and siblings out of the press. Understandable, and yet a bit unfortunate.

Florian Silbereisen: From the 10-year-old newcomer to the “Schlagerbooom” host

Already at the tender age of 10 Florian was such a talented musician that he released his first single “Florian mit der Steirische Harmonika”. Then the moderator of the “Musikantenstadl” discovered him and Florian had his first appearance in front of cameras. From that point on, things went steeply uphill for him.

In 2002 he got his own program “Mit Florian, Hut und Wanderstock” from MDR and thus cemented his position in the German-speaking hit world. After that, he gradually took on more responsibility as a moderator and led the guests, for example, through the “Festivals of Folk Music” and made it to the jury for the ESC preliminary decision.

In 2019 he was introduced as the new captain of the dream ship and moderates several large ones Bat-Shows. These include the “Schlagerbooom” and the “Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights”, which are two of the biggest events in the industry every year.

Florian Silbereisen as the new DSDS juror after Dieter Bohlen

In 2022, Florian Silbereisen had a new big TV project. At the end of June 2021 it was announced that the pop star, together with country singer Ilse DeLange and music producer Toby Gad, will form the new “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” jury. He inherited pop titan Dieter Bohlen and followed in damn big footsteps. However, he will not return for the last DSDS season in 2023, instead Bohlen will be chief judge again.

Klubbb3 – The band project by Florian Silbereisen

Since 2015, Florian Silbereisen has no longer been alone, but together with the Dutchman Jan S with and the Belgian Christoff De Bolle a band. “Clubbb3” has rocked the charts in Germany several times. Their hit albums “Caution uncensored!”, “Now we’re going right!” and “We’re getting more and more!” have received platinum twice and gold once in Germany. And there his band for him has a very special place in his life, a sign of his bond with the members can also be found on his body.

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With all the success that the Schlager star celebrates, he never forgets who he owes it to. in one two-minute video on Facebook Says goodbye to an exhausted but happy Florian Silbereisen after the “Big Schlagerfest XXL” in Oberhausen.

Lesser-known facts about Florian Silbereisen

Hardly a week goes by without Florian Silbereisen appearing in one or the other headline, but over the years he has managed to keep a few of his secrets from the fans. Here you will still find the lesser-known details from the life of Florian Silbereisen.

This is Florian Silbereisen’s middle name

Not everyone knows that the Schlager icon’s middle name is Bernd. It is not known, however, whether his parents thought more about the name. Because Bernd or Bernhard was a popular name at the time Flori was born. So far, however, no one has been able to tease him with his second name. Who knows if he would have started even more in the Schlager world as Bernd Silbereisen.

As far as nicknames go, it’s much more interesting that DJ Ötzi just calls him “Schatzi” and Florian in turn calls him “Bärli” when they’re on stage together. So far, the two have not revealed whether there is an interesting story behind this nickname. That will probably remain her secret.

On tour, this is Florian Silbereisen’s favorite food

Florian Silbereisen betrayed his favorite food during a radio appearance. On tour he likes to eat stir-fried vegetables and chicken. From this he promises the power he needs to do the long stage shows again and again. Otherwise he seems to prefer German home cooking. Because at Christmas his parents always traditionally have “pork sausages with cabbage”.

What is Florian Silbereisen’s favorite football team?

But what about sports? As far as football is concerned, the hit star doesn’t hesitate for long when asked. Because he’s been a Bayern Munich fan since he was a “little boy”. Just a seasoned Bavarian. But how does he feel about the sport himself? He’s not a fan of that. He keeps fit, but having fun feels different to him. With that he certainly hits exactly the attitude that many of his fans also know.

These are the Schlager star’s tattoos

Contrary to popular belief, not all Schlager singers are monastery boys at the same time. Florian Silbereisen is good proof of that. Before the 90s, a Schlager presenter with a tattooed arm would have been unthinkable. Today Florian Silbereisen wears selected ones on his left arm tattoos. A forest scene has adorned his left forearm since 2017, which underlines his nature boy image, although he quite often wears a suit.

He had his ex-girlfriend Helene Fischer’s face pierced on his upper arm. Many fans were worried about what would happen to the shoulder-covering tattoo after the split. But Silbereisen has only one clear answer to the question. “I would never consider removing this tattoo in the slightest, because both of us, we’ve had amazing ten years and it’s always a part of my life and I will continue to wear the tattoo with pride.”

His band’s logo is also immortalized on his skin with three large B’s. All in all, he shows the whole world that Schlager fan Florian Silbereisen is not just a role, but part of his very own personality.

Who owns the heart of the hit star?

Florian Silbereisen is a dream man for many women. Two women have been lucky enough to win him over. However, both ended in tears. His first flame was Andy Borg’s sister-in-law, Michaela Strobel. He was with her from 2003 until they separated in 2006. After that, Florian’s love life looked rather calm.

In 2008 it became known that he was in a relationship with the pop singer Helene Fischer. For a long time, the two managed to survive as a couple on the hit stages without scandals or slip-ups. On December 19, 2018 – after 10 years of relationship – the two separated. However, they have both emphasized that they want to remain friends and also want to perform together again.

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However, it is not known who currently owns the heart of the Schlager bard.

Profile of Florian Silbereisen – everything at a glance:

  • Surname: Florian Bernd Silbereisen
  • Date of birth (zodiac sign): 08/04/1981 (Leo)
  • Place of birth: Tiefenbach (Bavaria)
  • Parents: Franz & Helga
  • Profession: musician, presenter
  • Height: 1.83 m
  • Weight: estimated between 70 and 75 kg
  • Relationships:Michaela Strobl (2003 – 2006), Helene Fischer (2008 – 2018)

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