The German world champion team 2014 at the premiere of the film

The German world champion team 2014 at the premiere of the film “The Team”. Photo: imago/Sven Simon

Some football fans are boycotting the World Cup in Qatar with a heavy heart. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to give up football nights for a month. We have selected the most beautiful football films that will make you forget the tournament.

Boycotting the World Cup in Qatar is currently difficult for many football fans. No wonder: a month without football? This is actually unthinkable for die-hard fans of the sport. Especially when it’s not the summer break during this time, but the most important football tournament in the world is taking place. The passion for football is too great, the sport has been an integral part of everyday life since childhood.

But the good news is that football fans who boycott the World Cup don’t necessarily have to do without watching football. Because there are numerous football films with which you can pass the time. These have the advantage that they are not played at 11 a.m. during the week like some group games at the World Cup, but can be watched in a relaxed manner on the sofa in the evening. In addition, most of the films last 90 to 120 minutes and thus exactly fill the time gap caused by the boycott of a World Cup game in the evening. But which football movies are the best? You will find the answer in the picture gallery.

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