For Lord of the Rings star Ian McKellen, Gandalf is 2.0 "the most boring wizard in the world"

The Lord of the Rings movies made fantasy history. When the stars involved look back on the Peter Jackson trilogy, they often have a lot of positive things to say. But a big one Gandalf criticism said its actor Ian McKellen over time.

‘Boring’: Gandalf’s Lord of the Rings transformation bothers Ian McKellen

In the Lord of the Rings movies, the character does Gandalf a dramatic change by: Gandalf the Gray moves out with the companions in the first film and eventually falls into the depths at the dramatic climax of the fight with the Balrog in Moria. Only in the second part of the fantasy series, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, does the wizard, believed dead, return as Gandalf the White. Which, according to Ian McKellen, is a turning point for the worse.

See the new Gandalf in the The Two Towers trailer:

The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers – Trailer (German)


Of course, Gandalf’s transformation into the white head of his wizarding order is already laid out in JRR Tolkien’s book. Nevertheless, many Lord of the Rings fans liked it Gandalf 1.0 better than the new revised version. The actor who played Gandalf in all six of Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth films is no exception. Ian McKellen spoke to BANG Showbiz (via ContactMusic ) even very clear words:

He comes back as the most boring man in the whole world. When most boring wizard ever created. He’s a man of drive, his beard has been trimmed and he’s dyed his hair white. It seems he has stopped having any form of fun.

Better gray than white: Ian McKellen has a clear Lord of the Rings preference for Gandalf

Those are harsh words for one of the most popular wizard characters in fantasy literature and film. Needless to say, the Lord of the Rings star understands the motivation behind Gandalf’s actions. Nevertheless, almost ten years later, that was the main reason why he liked to return back to his iconic rolebecause the Hobbit trilogy is set before The Lord of the Rings and he was allowed to put on his gray costume again:

Lord of the Rings star Ian McKellen as Gandalf the Grey

Of course Gandalf has to [in Der Herr der Ringe] Save Middle-earth, so at least he has a mission. But it was nice [in Der Hobbit], returning as the Gandalf people imagine when they think of him. I think: Gandalf the white man doesn’t even wear a pointy hat!

In fact, the gray Gandalf seems more mischievous and mysterious as the Lord of the Rings character. In addition, his appearance with a cloak, gnarled magic wand and wide-brimmed pointed hat became the template for many a fantasy story of how a magician should look. A real role model. Boredom, which Ian McKellen attests to the white Gandalf, certainly does not arise.

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Which Gandalf do you prefer as Lord of the Rings fans? The gray or the white?

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