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Rodrigo Mussi left his followers very worried when he appeared lying on a bed at the Hospital das Clínicas, in São Paulo. On his social networks this Thursday (24), the former BBB who suffered a serious accident after leaving reality in March, explained that his trip to the hospital was about routine exams.

“Guys, it’s just a routine exam, okay? But extremely important, here at Hospital das Clínicas. Look how much yarn! It’s a lot of hair on the head, that I suffered a very serious head trauma “, he said.



Rodrigo opened his heart after an accident

Still on the delicate moment when suffering a serious car accident in São Paulo, recently Rodrigo Mussi opened his heart in an interview and told about how he sees life after experiencing a complicated moment.

At the time, the famous man who participated in the BBB22 commented on the expectation after experiencing an accident that was almost fatal.

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“What struck me when I was in recovery and since then is that people would talk to me about fame and maybe money, and I didn’t even think about it anymore. I thought what I wanted most was to wake up one hundred percent the next day. I just wanted to be one hundred percent. Just waking up well is already a blessing, because everything else is in our hands, but health sometimes isn’t. That was what I learned the most during that time”, he said in conversation with Quem magazine.

Following, Rodrigo Mussi revealed that he received many messages of solidarity and concern from his followers. In addition, the former BBB said that he was very emotional when he woke up from the coma and opened his social networks.

“What I get most from errands, messages in Instagram groups is this. People were very touched that I survived. I arrived in a very serious condition. People were worried about whether I would survive or not, whether I would talk or walk again. When I woke up and became aware – that’s what I say, we are blessed to bless – I had contact with my social networks and saw the size of people moved by my case”, he added.

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