Fort Boyard: Nabilla, Samuel Etienne, Capucine Anav… These celebrities injured on the set

During the last seasons of Fort Boyard, many candidates have been injured, like Samuel Etienne, Capucine Anav or Nabilla.

Since the beginning of July, viewers have found Olivier Minne in Fort Boyard. While many changes have been made, such as the removal of tigers, the game is still just as intense for the candidates. Intense and sometimes dangerous. Indeed, in recent seasons, many celebrities have injured themselves during filming. Starting with Samuel Etienne. In September 2019, the presenter of Questions pour un champion heavily hit the corner of a wall, yet padded with foam. Result of the races: three broken ribs, detachment of the pleura.

The journalist was then hospitalized: “At the time, I thought it was just the ribs. I had already had two broken the last time. We stopped filming so that the doctor could examine me. The production wanted me to stop . But I absolutely wanted to continue for the association. So, with a little paracetamol and a cold bomb, we resumed “. A year later, it was Capucine Anav’s turn to be injured in Fort Boyard. Indeed, a few days after her visit, she wrote on Instagram: “I fell, I’m all blue, I’m going to have cockades, I think”. The swollen face, she happily took her wounds with humor: “I keep little memories of my filming of Fort Boyard”.

Fort Boyard: a game that can be dangerous

If Capucine Anav had been injured in the face, Nabilla, meanwhile, had suffered from an upturned nail. An injury which had nevertheless earned him “three stitches”. But all these candidates agree that they wanted to fight until the end of filming to be able to bring back as much money as possible for the associations. But Fort Boyard is still a show where minor sores, like major injuries can happen at any time.

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