Fort Boyard: victim of harassment, Joyce Jonathan was "depressed"  after his passage

Joyce Jonathan was a guest on Chez Jordan. Faced with Jordan De Luxe, the singer notably returned to her time on the show Fort Boyard, and the harassment and depression that followed.

A nightmare that she certainly did not expect to live. In August 2018, Joyce Jonathan participated in Fort Boyardbroadcast on France 2. But the team realized one of the worst performances in the program’s history, failing to even find the mystery word, thus preventing them from bringing back the precious boyar. Since the game show’s inception in 1990, only 27 teams have failed to make it through the final round and left empty-handed. But four years later, this passage continues to haunt Joyce Jonathan. Indeed, the latter was quickly held responsible for this failure by Internet users, who were extremely virulent towards it. It’s a trauma“, recognized the interpreter of No need for you in the show At Jordan’s.

Faced with Jordan De Luxe, Joyce Jonathan also took the opportunity to recall that she was sick the day before the shoot. “They really pushed hard for me to do the show, when I was throwing up in the morning. I did it anyway, but I was really not well. During the first test, I had to go on a treadmill, which I did all the time”, explained the 33-year-old artist, was very athletic at the time. But nothing went as planned:I was so picky that I was running backwards (…) Looking back, I think it’s fun. But at the time, I experienced it very badly. I spent the day dragging myself. At one point I went into the dungeon and couldn’t get out. I was in total ‘lose’.

Joyce Jonathan: “I received maybe 30,000 messages”

If she also recalled that it was a collective defeat, this did not prevent Joyce Jonathan from being the victim of the relentlessness of many Internet users on social networks for several days. “I took out my record shortly after (We, editor’s note) and I really took it to my head. I got maybe 30,000 messages from people saying ‘go kill yourself’, ‘you’re a piece of shit’, ‘how could you do that?’, ‘this is shameful’ . There are plenty of people who thought I was in a bad mood (…), that it was voluntary“, explained Joyce Jonathan, who says today that she not “will not do Fort Boyard again”in view of the terrible consequences that its passage has generated, in particular “depression” from which she suffered a lot.

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