Image shared by Raphy Pina from prison along with an emotional message for his children.

the music producer raphy pina He surprised this Sunday morning with a moving message on his Instagram account where he addressed his children, with whom he could not celebrate this Father’s Day after being sentenced to 41 months in prison for illegal possession of weapons.

Since last May 24, the Puerto Rican has been in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Guaynabo, where he will remain until he is transferred to a still unknown penitentiary to complete his sentence.

Image shared by Raphy Pina from prison along with an emotional message for his children.

“My children; For a moment the kisses and hugs stopped. For a moment they stopped watching them grow. For a moment they stopped being able to laugh together. For a moment they stopped raising them doing evil things to him. What has never stopped is thinking of you all the time and feeling the purest love that a Father can feel for his children,” Pina shared with two photos, one of him dressed as a prisoner from his cell and another when he enjoyed of freedom with his four children and his partner, the Dominican singer Natti Natasha.

“I LOVE you so much and I thank you for making me the happiest PAPA in the world. We will see you soon, I WILL NEVER STOP FIGHTING FOR YOU EVER. I MISS THEM! ”, concluded the message, which is supposed to have been shared by a representative or close people who now manage their social networks.

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After the publication, it exceeds 300 thousand likes and almost 10,000 messages from followers and celebrities who took advantage of the message to congratulate Pina on Father’s Day, despite the fact that this time, it is his turn from a distance and far from his children, among them Vida Isabel, the youngest and with whom she would share this day for the first time.

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