Funeral speech for the husband who is about to come home

Bennett rose to fame outside of Britain with the book The Sovereign Reader. So he had the Queen hide a book in her carriage because waving is so boring.

And on state visits, she no longer asked how the trip to London was. Instead, he went straight to the French President, for example: “Let’s talk about Jean Genet.” (He immediately alerted the Minister of Culture.)

The monologues he wrote for BBC television have achieved cult status in Britain:

“Talking Heads”, six episodes produced in 1988, six in 1998. Each with an actress / actor, who were not allowed to move so as not to distract – it was never about a film plot, only about the text.

Remakes were shot during the Corona lockdown in mid-2020, and two new episodes were added.

“An Ordinary Woman”: Gwen, around 50, has fallen in love with her 15-year-old son

And “The Shrine”: Lorna sits at the kitchen table and tells how every day she knelt by the roadside – where her husband’s motorcycle crashed into a tree. She knelt until a police officer told her: “He had an orgasm before the accident happened.” She knelt until another female biker stopped by her: “We all thought he was into boys.”

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