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Influencer and presenter Gabi Prado35, was also present at the birthday party of MC Mirella, which took place last Monday night (20), in a nightclub in São Paulo. To enjoy the event, she bet on a daring look and even exchanged kisses with the birthday girl.

Gabi’s look was due to transparent pants, leaving the underwear on display, a short top with sparkly details, a black blazer that she left open and also leather boots. When posing for photos, the influencer exchanged kisses with MC Mirella and lavished sympathy.

In your Instagram, Gabi Prado also posted records in which she appears wearing the bold look. Powerful, she took care of the pose and left her beautiful curves highlighted. On the social network, the publication already has more than 32 thousand likes. over there, she was also surrounded by praise and affectionate messages.

“It rocked the look,” said a friend. “What a wonderful woman”, praised another follower. “The definition of perfection: Gabi Prado”, praised an admirer. “Simply spectacular”, highlighted another internet user. “This woman is too beautiful”, said another fan of Gabi Prado.

vented on social media

At the height of the pandemic, Gabi Prado had a behavior that ended up displeasing internet users. At the time, she left home to have an aesthetic procedure and this earned her a lot of criticism. In the face of the trials, the influencer vented on her social media.

I lost 8 kg and when I lost those 8 kg everything went away with me, my self-esteem, my will to live. Now, why did I go out for a cosmetic procedure that gave me back some of that, a procedure I did to arch my eyebrow, feel beautiful, do I have to be laughed at on the internet?”she started, through a live.

Despite being visibly irritated by the criticism, Gabi Prado guaranteed not to be worried about losing followers because of this controversy.

“I do a lot more than you can imagine and I’m the only fucking blogger who doesn’t put her face on Instagram to talk about what I donated, what I did or didn’t do because that’s an obligation for me. I’m tired and I ask immensely that people who are following me and don’t like me, stop following me.”asked the presenter.

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