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Gaslit: a new video for the Watergate series with Julia Roberts

Gaslit: a new video for the Watergate series with Julia Roberts

Prime Video will release this biopic of Martha Mitchell, by Mr Robot creator Sam Esmail, on April 24.

Martha Mitchell was the first person to break the “Watertergate Scandal”, in the early 1970s. Played by Julia Roberts in Gaslitthe wife of Richard Nixon’s Attorney General, John Mitchell (played by Sean Penn), has a fearsome outspokenness. Her husband, madly in love with her, and terribly loyal to the president, finds himself torn in a more than delicate situation: he must choose between his wife and his best friend.

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A true story adapted for Amazon by Sam Esmail, the creator of mr robot, which required hours of make-up from the duo to slip into the shoes of the Mitchell couple. In the casting, we also find Dan Stevens in the role of John Dean, Betty Gilpin is Mo Dean, Shea Whigham is G. Gordon Liddy and Darby Camp is Marty Mitchell.

Here’s how the executive producer and showrunner of Gaslit, Robbie Pickering, a presented the project to the press : “The series tells the story of Watergate like you’ve never heard it before. At the center of the series is Martha Mitchell, an unlikely whistleblower who is the first person to break the scandal and who ends up making the subject of a vicious White House smear campaign, led in part by her own husband, Attorney General John Mitchell.We also feature John Dean, a high-profile administration lawyer coerced into participating in the business of concealment and propelled into the limelight with his acerbic and intelligent wife Mo. The objective of this project has always been to bring real humanity to this scandal. The story thus becomes much richer and closer to reality than the classic political dramas of this period, and very often centered on men. I can’t wait for viewers to experience the extraordinary performances of this remarkable cast, led by Julia Roberts, as they come to life in this thrilling, stranger-than-fiction story of marriage, love, betrayal and, ultimately, death. ‘hope.”

The mini-series will be available on Prime Video (Starzplay) from April 24.

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