Gastro-Padrone Luigi Barbaro: What the Austrians can learn from the Italians

Meanwhile, his two sons also work Antonio and Luigi Jr., engaged in the establishments with. “A learning process,” as the Padrone says with a smile. The corona pandemic is of course also a challenge for the Barbaro family, but thanks to short-time work during lockdown times, all employees were able to be retained. They have also been very resourceful in developing their own exclusive frozen pizza.

The capo will soon be 65, but he can’t quite get used to it yet. “I definitely wish for health, that’s the most important thing. Then the further development of our company and many new ideas that we can then also implement,” says the restaurateur, who mainly finds relaxation in sport. “Bike, run, swim.”

Also his grandchildren Emilia and Matteo (Note: the mother is his daughter Valeria) give him a lot of pleasure and provide the urgently needed balance. He was recently with his wife Evelyn and the grandchildren on the sailing boat in Croatia.

Wait, an Italian is vacationing in Croatia? “It has to be said that sailing on the Croatian Riviera is excellent,” he admits with a wink.

In the video above you can see what makes a good pizza and why many restaurateurs are desperately looking for staff.

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