Geisy Arruda drives fans crazy with video “on fire”

Geisy Arruda left his fans on fire on social media. The digital influencer and short story writer, who is usually very successful on Instagram, also stole the show on Twitter. the muse shared a video in which appears showing off leaving the curves in evidence.

In the caption, she left an encouraging message for fans, promoting her account on an adult content site. “This is just the beginning of the strip. Subscribe to see the whole thing! Already signed? Did you see the home videos?” she asked, which set several emojis on fire. Fans praised Geisy’s good form.

Check out the video posted by Geisy Arruda on Twitter:

vent about motherhood

Speaking of Geisy Arruda, it is worth remembering that the famous decided to talk about a different topic: motherhood. She participated in the program Family casesof SBTand opined that a woman is not diminished by the fact of not having become a mother.

You are no less a woman for not being a mother. If a woman wasn’t born with a motherly spirit, she doesn’t have to put anyone in the world.. She is what? A hen to hatch eggs? We need to talk about women who don’t want to be mothers. We suffer a lot with judgments, with the pressure of society”, vented the famous.

In another excerpt, Geisy recalled a personal moment, when her mother asked her about having a child. “My mother turned to me and said that I needed to have a child, the child is the light of a woman, which will bless you in heaven. I said: Mother, son is a passport? A ticket to heaven?” she questioned.


Geisy Arruda was recently interviewed by entertain and talked about some subjects. At one point, she says that, unfortunately, she ends up facing many cases of machismo in her life.

This has been going on forever, since I was born and I understand myself by people. Unfortunately we women get used to it, but we don’t accept it. This is precisely why we have been trying to position ourselves and be respected. Regardless of our clothes, our sexual freedom”, said the influencer.

She finished afterwards. “I think one of the things we fight the most is for freedom, for being who we really are, and of course, respect. I hope that in a few decades the situation will be a little better. I’m sure a lot of people have already fought for our current achievements,” she concluded.

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