Video shows Leonardo's moment with a woman in the dressing room and causes

Geisy Arruda managed to triple his money just with extremely sexy photos. The famous, who became known because of the red dress in college, already totals more than BRL 1.2 million since its first publication on the Privacy website.

Currently, with 500 subscribers, Geisy accumulates 486 photos including sexy and explicit, but that only the paying can see. Each fan pays R$ 89.90, and there are discounts of 10% to 15% for those who make the quarterly or half-yearly package.



Geisy has also been successful on her Instagram. With more than 4 million followers, the influencer always posts some sexy photos to show that she has good content in the paid part of Privacy. Recently, she shared a photoshoot with an all-black look, referring to the clothes from the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

“Jeez, delicious woman, see?”, praised a follower. “You can’t be single. Too hot,” wrote another netizen. “What a show of a woman… It would get married easily”, said a fan.

Geisy Arruda comments on bisexuality

She has always been very open when it comes to her personal and sex life. Geisy Arruda never hid that she is a bisexual woman, but not the famous ballad bi, where she is with women only at parties.

The famous, in an interview with the website IG, revealed that she has dated with people of the same sex and that she is always open to knowing other experiences.

“When we say that we like women, people already associate the threesome. Actually, no, I’ve dated women, I’ve been in love with women,” she said. Geisy, for having erotic books and being subscribed to adult content accounts, is often treated only as a fetish.

“It’s not a fetish, but maybe today, because of my job, people think I like threesomes. And not necessarily. People confuse a lot, they think they need a man in the relationship. I’m very happy with only one woman by my side”, commented.

About the family, the influencer said that her mother did not accept her guidance right away, but that she needed to have several serious conversations until the matriarch could understand how happy she was with a woman.

My mother was not happy that I was with a partner, she said she would not have grandchildren. All the prejudice and all the struggle I suffered for being bi, I went through in my adolescence and it was at home, in my family, for my mother to accept. And it took many years for her to understand and accept it,” she concluded.

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