Gerald Pichowetz had to undergo a minor operation in the hospital

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The theater principal has had another operation but is doing well.

from Dieter Chmelar

“As the saying goes – weeds never die” has always been his motto in life. The cult arch comedian (unforgettable as “Fünfer” in “Kaisermühlen Blues”) and director of the Gloria Theater in Vienna for 21 years Gerald Pihowetz (57) has now posted a hospital selfie on Facebook (see right) with the short comment: “You’re laughing again, hopefully the situation will last”.

From these words and from the grinning expression of the battered mime, fans, friends and family draw hope that after his three emergency open-heart surgeries and complications (with internal bleeding in March 2020) he will not have any major health problems again.

Angelica Zoidl, the woman at his side, who has already been through thick and thin with Picho, reassured in the KURIER phone call: “You really don’t have to worry – he is already being cared for at home.” According to reports, it was only a “minor operation” that had become necessary because of edema and water retention in the body tissue (in the stomach and legs).

The diabetic (ironic self-definition: “I’m just a sweet boy”), who in 2013 with Roswitha Wieland Having finished ninth with the “Dancing Stars”, losing a lot of weight and regaining almost normal sugar levels, is currently directing “Sextett” (Gloria, Saturday and Sunday, 3 p.m. each).

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