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Football fans in Austria reverently called him “the blonde rocket”, Gerhard Rodax also excelled on the pitch in foreign top leagues and in the national team – now the Austrian football legend has died at the age of only 57.

The sports world has to cope with a tragic loss: Gerhard Rodax, one of the most famous football stars Austriais dead. The former top scorer in the Austrian Bundesliga, who spent his active career with Admira Wacker, Rapid Vienna and played for Atlético Madrid in Spain, died as a result of a tragic accident on November 16, 2022 at the age of just 57.

Gerhard Rodax is dead: Austrian soccer star hit by Zug and fatally injured

As the Austrian “Kronen Zeitung” reports, among others, Gerhard Rodax died on the route of the Vienna Southern Railway not far from his home in Traiskirchen in Austria. The 57-year-old was hit by a moving train and fatally injured. “The background to the death drama may have been a serious illness in the father of two,” writes the “Kronen Zeitung”. Gerhard Rodax leaves behind his wife and two daughters – the youngest is only ten years old.

Gerhard Rodax became a football legend in Austria as a “blonde rocket”.

Gerhard Rodax, who was born in Tattendorf in 1965, began his footballing career in the early 1980s with Admira Wacker before spending a season with Atlético Madrid in the 1990s. Rodax ended his career with Rapid Wien and Admira Wacker, 20 international matches for Austria with three goals crowned the career of the “blonde rocket”, as Gerhard Rodax was called because of his speed on the soccer field.

Dismay after Gerhard Rodax’s suicide on the rails: Austria weeps for the football star

In the Alpine republic, the grief for Gerhard Rodax is immense. SK Rapid Wien reacted with dismay at the news of the death of their former star striker, according to a tweet from the club. “We received very sad news today. Our former player Gerhard Rodax died in a tragic accident at the age of 57 after a serious illness,” wrote the Viennese club. “Our sincere condolences go to his bereaved family,” added Rodax’s former club. The expressions of condolence were also joined by football stars such as Gerhard Rodax’ former teammates Andreas Ogris and Andreas Herzog and former Austrian national coach Herbert Prohaska.

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