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Giovana Cordeiro in Pantanal: what is the story of José Lucas’ mother?

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Lost son of José Leôncio enters the soap opera this Saturday (14)

Giovana Cordeiro participated in the first phase of Pantanal by playing the prostitute Generosa. Despite the brief appearance, the woman has a great importance in the story. She is the mother of José Lucas de Nada (Irandhir Santos), the lost son of José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) who enters the soap opera today.

Who is Giovana Cordeiro in Pantanal?

Actress Giovana Cordeiro is the interpreter of Generosa in Pantanal. Those who watched the first chapters of the plot must remember that Joventino (Irandhir Santos) took Zé Leôncio as a teenager in a currutela. That’s when he met the prostitute and lost his virginity to her.

Zé considered taking Generosa with him, but his father wouldn’t allow it. If he chose to keep the girl, he would have to leave the entourage that was with other pawns. The protagonist chose to go his way and never saw the woman again.

What he doesn’t know is that that night, the prostitute became pregnant. She gave birth to a boy whom she named José Lucas – the surname “de Nada” is not out of contempt for the child, but because she does not know the identity of the child’s father.

It will be shown that José Lucas de Nada has as his only family the cafetina Dona Jacutinga (Gláucia Rodrigues), his foster grandmother. It will be shown that Generosa has already died, and the whorehouse owner has raised the boy as if he were her grandson. Giovana Cordeiro does not return to play the prostitute in the second phase of Pantanal.

Jacutinga is the one who will reveal that José Lucas is the son of José Leôncio. The boy arrives at José Leôncio’s farm in search of a load stolen from his truck. It will be then that the protagonist will feel sick when he notices the similarity between him and his father Joventino, who disappeared at the beginning of the plot.

José Lucas (Irandhir Santos) and Dona Jacutinga (Gláucia Rodrigues) – Photo: Publicity/Rede Globo

When does José Lucas enter Pantanal?

The first images of José Lucas de Nada were shown at the end of the chapter shown last Thursday (13). The character appears in this Saturday, May 14, chapter.

José Leôncio’s lost son offers a girl a ride in his truck, but ends up being mugged by her. The woman first makes a few advances on the boy, who refuses them all. “What’s the problem?” she asks. “The problem is, I’m a son of a…” she starts to say. “Are you going to offend me now?” asks the girl.

José Lucas then tells her his story: “I’m not offending anyone. After all, that’s not an offense, it’s an occupation. (…) This one (in the photo) is my mother, Jacira, better known as Dona Generosa… And the one on her side is my foster grandmother, Dona Ana… Or Dona Jacutinga, the owner of the currutela where I was born . So I can say that I am the son and grandson of a bitch. (…) For me, it was always a source of pride! I know how hard you have to work in this life. That’s why I stopped my truck,” he explains.

The woman asks if the truck driver is not afraid of being robbed. When he says no, she points a revolver at José Lucas.

In 1990, the character was played by Paulo Gorgulho. If author Bruno Luperi sticks to the original script, he will be yet another man who gets involved with Irma (Camila Morgado).

Characters of the second phase of the Pantanal, José Lucas de Nada is played by Irandhir Santos and will look like his grandfather, Joventino – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

+ José Lucas in Pantanal will dispute Juma’s love with Jove

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